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Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Online

Nearly 3,000 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology terms are concisely defined in this online version of David Glick's glossary of both common words and lab jargon. Users can search aphabetically or by keyword. Definitions are often one sentence and assume user basic knowledge of the biosciences. A bibliography of additional references is included.

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Grace Winschel
Grace Winschel (Consultant)
11 years ago

This is an extensive library of terms. Though in the introduction the author states he hopes it will be used by individuals who wish to converse with biochemists, rather than it being used by biochemists themselves, most definitions seem to require a rather solid understanding of the field. For example, to define 'G-loop' one is redirrected to the 'AT queue' definition, which reads:

"A model that accounts for chromosomal banding. The microscopic appearance of chromosomes during mitosis (metaphase) displays chromomeres and interchromomeres, i.e. G bands (Giemsa stain) and R bands (Reverse) respectively; the former are characterized as AT-rich and gene-poor and by late replication, and the latter as GC- and gene-rich and by early replication. The DNA is presumably organized into wide spring-like coils from which 100kb G loops extend parallel to the chromosome axis (G bands), extended DNA sequences from which larger loops extend perpendicular to the chromosome axis (R loops), and AT-rich sequences called matrix-attachment or scaffold-associated regions that anchor the G and R loop regions and create the characteristically stained bands."

Though an extremely thorough defnition, there is simply no way a beginning student or someone outside the field of chemistry would be able to gain much knowledge from this definition. This would certainly be a good reference site for advanced biochemistry students to suppliment any biochemistry course work.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes