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Khadija Sesay

Khadija Sesay




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Skills & Interests

  • Arts / Dance (Intermediate)
    Dancing is a passion for me. I use dancing to express myself.


  • ASA
    African Student Association 09/2019 – 03/2020

Education History

  • Advanced diploma High school diploma (05/2018)
    Potomac senior high school

Teaching Experience

  • Afterschool Daycare (Spring 2020)
    • Kindercare – 1st-5th grade arts and crafts
    • Students would come to after school daycare and be taught in various ways to understand material.


  • Creoles and pidgins, English based (Other)
    • Speaking level: Intermediate
    • Reading level: Intermediate

Honors & Awards

  • Crown ODU Scholarship (08/2018)
    A crown scholarship is awarded to students who maintain a 3.3 or above average throughout the year. It is handed out each year.


  • Teachers assistant (12/2019 – 03/2020) Kindercare