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James Davis

James Davis




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Skills & Interests

Education History

  • Bachelors of Science Nursing (Current)
  • Associate's Degree Nursing (Current)
  • Associate Degree Social Sciences (08/2017)
    Tidewater Community College

Teaching Experience

  • Advanced Diving, & MK16 Supervisor (Summer 2012)
    • Explosive Disposal Training Group Two – Advanced mixed gas closed and open circuit SCUBA. Explosives.
    • Instructed up to 30 personnel in advanced diving and explosive techniques. Taught year round from 2012-15.


  • English
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior

Honors & Awards

  • Magna Cum Laude (08/2017)
    Awarded for superior academic performance.


  • US Navy Diver (12/1995 – 12/2015) USN