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  • Ph D Engineering (09/1996)
    Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)
  • M.Sc. Industrial Engineering (Energy Technology) (01/1984)
    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)


  • Muñoz-Rujas, N., Baptiste, J., Pavani, A., El Iraki, A., Montero, E. A.. (2021). Engineering Materials and Personal Spaces in Public Repositories: The Case of the MERLOT Digital Library in Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability. (Volume 16(2), pp. 46-57).
  • Muñoz-Rujas, N., Baptiste, J., Pavani, A., Montero, E.. (2021). Enhancing Interactive Teaching of Engineering Topics Using Digital Materials of the MERLOT Database in Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series, Vol 1266, pp. 295-306. Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
  • Muñoz-Rujas, N., Alaoui, F.E:M., González Fernández, M.J., Meneses Villagrá, J., Montero García, E.. (2021). Meaningful Learning in Engineering: a Case Study in Volumetric Properties of Fluids in Educação: teorias, métodos e perspectivas: vol II. Artemis Editora Brazil, P. Arcoverde (Ed.).


  • English
    • Speaking level: Advanced
    • Reading level: Advanced
  • French
    • Speaking level: Intermediate
    • Reading level: Intermediate
  • Spanish
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior


  • Head of Electromechanical Engineering Department (07/2004 – 06/2012) University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Vice-President for planning and budget (06/1994 – 09/1997) University of Burgos, Spain
  • Vice-Director (12/1989 – 06/1994) Higher Polytechnic School, University of Burgos, Spain