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Rodney Geisert picture

Rodney Geisert

MERLOT Contributor  MERLOT Author
Oklahoma State University
Member Type: Faculty
Last Login: Feb 28, 2003
Member Since: Feb 28, 2003



Primary Affiliation:
  • Oklahoma State University (Education, 4 Year/4 Year + Grad, OK, United States)

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Skills & Interests

  • Science and Technology/Biology/Physiology (Advanced)
  • Science and Technology/Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (Expert)
    Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in reproductive physiology and molecular biology. We have developed a CD-ROM for teaching undergraduate reproductive physiology and created a website to teach high school biology students molecular biology.<br/><br/>The goals of my research program have been:<br/>1) To determine the mechanisms involved with embryonic mortality in pigs and cattle.<br/>2) To investigate the genes that are involved with regulation of marbling in beef cattle<br/>3) Develop in vitro fertilization and cloning techniques for cattle at OSU<br/>4) Develop microarrays for utilization in evaluating adipocyte development in cattle and embryo development in the pig.