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Alan R. Lemmon picture

Alan R. Lemmon

MERLOT Contributor  MERLOT Author
Teacher's Assistant for Principles of Evolution
University of Colorado - Boulder
Primary Discipline:
Member Type: Student
Last Login: Nov 03, 2000
Member Since: Oct 27, 2000



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Skills & Interests

  • Science and Technology/Biology/Evolution (Intermediate)
    My aim as a professional biologist is to further the understanding of evolutionary and ecological theory through computational modeling. In particular, I hope to develop computational systems useful for elucidating complex evolutionary and ecological systems that are typically mathematically intractable. I am particularly interested in the investigation of sexual selection, gene flow and speciation using artificial life techniques. I have done research in a broad range of evolutionary and ecological theory including: sex-differential predation, sexual selection, predator-prey dynamics, polygyny, and phylogenetic reconstruction. In addition to my research aspirations, I hope to become an ambitious educator, with a particular focus on the implementation of computer simulations and web applications as pedagogical tools. I am currently busy applying for graduate school, preparing simulations for my EvoTutor site, and assisting my Principles of Evolution students.