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Nancy Reilly-McVittie picture

Nancy Reilly-McVittie

MERLOT Contributor
course leader- senior lecturer
Primary Discipline:
Member Type: Staff
Last Login: Jan 26, 2010
Member Since: Jun 22, 2007



Primary Affiliation:
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (Education, 4 Year/4 Year + Grad, Other, United Kingdom)

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Contact Information

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Skills & Interests

  • Arts (Expert)
    I am a professional contemporary theatre performer and composer. The first part of my career was spent in New York working with the leading experiemental theatre companies of the USA. During this time I collaborated with The Performance Group, The Ontological-Hysterical theatre,Mabou Mines and The Wooster Group. In 1993 I made a transition into the University sector based on my professional skill and renoun. I have an MPhil, I have published widely on the interface of the human actress/or and technology.

Education History

  • Phd (Current)
  • Masters of Philosophy (02/2007)
    Unversity of Plymouth

Teaching Experience

  • Live Arts (Fall 1993)
    MMU - Performance art, video, contemporary theatre and performance
    Worked on the Live Art core of an interdisciplinary arts degree.
  • Contemporary Theatre and Performance (Fall Current)
    MMU - contemporary theatre
    Assisted with the design, validation, and implementation of a single honours degree in Contemporary Theatre and performance.