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Frank Nappo

MERLOT Contributor  MERLOT Author
Physics Teacher / Science Chairman
Lockport High School
Primary Discipline:
Member Type: Faculty
Last Login: Oct 31, 2013
Member Since: Jul 30, 2007



Secondary Affiliations:
  • Niagara County Community/Technical College (Education, Community/Technical College, NY, United States)
  • University at Buffalo (Education, 4 Year/4 Year + Grad, NY, United States)
  • Lockport High School, Lockport, NY (Education, High School, NY, United States)

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Contact Information

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4657 Kriston Lane
North Tonawanda, NY 14120 United States

Skills & Interests

  • Education/TeacherEd/Teaching Methods (Advanced)
    Adobe Flash programming. I create Physics simulations using Adobe Flash. I call these simulations "Fizzixs Flixs" which are real time interactive graphical representations of most every concept in physics. You can find examples of these simulations on the University of Buffalo, Project CLAW website at:
  • Education/TeacherEd/Teaching Methods (Advanced)
    Use of Smartboard technology in my classroom. I currently make use of a 3M Digital Wall Display to teach physics at Lockport High School. This technology makes possible interactive teaching situations using digital graphics/sound and open ended scenarios in all types of lessons. It incorporates Adobe Flash Physics simulations called "Fizzixs Flixs" to teach all concepts in physics.


  • Physics Education Software Developer (07/2013 - Current) Fizzixs Flixs - Explaining the Real World
  • Physics Teacher - Regents/College/University Physics (09/1979 - Current) Lockport High School

Teaching Experience

  • University Physics ( Calculus Based ) (Fall Current)
    Lockport High School - Physics
    SUNY Credit through NCCC
  • Regents Physics (Fall Current)
    Lockport High School - Physics
  • College Physics ( Algebra Based ) (Fall Current)
    Lockport High School - Physics
    SUNY Credit through NCCC


  • A Physics Presentation system for teaching introductory students to make learning physics engaging, motivating, and interesting. Highly graphical and interactive!