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Ludwig Slusky picture

Ludwig Slusky

MERLOT Contributor  MERLOT Author
California State University, Los Angeles
Member Type: Faculty
Last Login: Dec 15, 2008
Member Since: Dec 25, 2007



Primary Affiliation:
  • California State University, Los Angeles (Education, 4 Year/4 Year + Grad, CA, United States)

MERLOT Connections

Contact Information

Email: Please log in to view contact information

Skills & Interests


  • Professor of Information Systems (09/1985 - Current) California State University, Los Angeles


  • Fulbright Association
    Fulbright scholar 09/1994 - Current

Honors and Awards

  • Fulbright (09/1994)
    International business education: information technology

Teaching Experience

  • Database Analysis (csi405a) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - Database Analysis & Design
  • Systems Analysis (cis405b) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - Systems Analysis & Design
    Taught in the past
  • Programming C++ (cis453) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - Programming C++ Introductory
    Taught in the past
  • Special topics (cis454) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - Special topics of Information Technology: wireless security
    Wireless Security: recommended as preparation for Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)
  • Internet Security (cis488) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - Security + and Beyond
    Information Security: recommended as preparation for CompTIA Security + professional exam
  • Graduate course: Special topics in security (cis528) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - Internet Security; HIPAA
    Internet security; privacy and security for healthcare
  • Graduate course: Advanced Databases (cis543) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - Advanced Databases (Oracle)
    Taught in the past
  • HIPAA (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - HIPAA: privacy & security for healthcare
    Taught in the past
  • Database Server Administrator (cis400) (Winter 2008)
    CalStateLA - DataBase Administrator (Oracle)
    Taught in the past
  • Graduate course: Healthcare MIS (cis581) (Spring 2008)
    CalStateLA - Healthcare Management Information Systems
  • E-Commerce (Winter 2008)
    Citizens Development Corps - E-Commerce for small businesses
    Special assignment: Taught in the past