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Terri Giosia

Terri Giosia


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Terri Giosia is a member of the Virtual Speakers Bureau


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Skills & Interests

  • Business / Professional Coaching / Personal Coaching / Life Coaching (Expert)
    Coaching is an ongoing partnership and an investment you make in yourself. It helps you produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional life. You want lasting results that will enable you to be the most "successful self" you possibly can be in every aspect of your life. Lifestyle Coaching encompasses all areas of your life. Whether you desire: A strategic map for enhancing your social life To create a vision for your nuptials To identifying your life purpose Improved relationships (spouse/family/friends) Increased self confidence/self esteem and body image To improving your overall well being When you set your goals, your coach is: non-judgemental, supportive, direct, will hold you accountable and will be that person to inspire and empower you along the way to your most successful self.
  • Business / Professional Coaching / Executive or Corporate (Advanced)
    A recent survey involving more than 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies found the average company experienced a 600% ROI when they provided their executives with 1 on 1 coaching and leadership development. In addition, benefits such as enhanced morale, improved interpersonal relationships and a stronger leadership team followed, which one cannot even put a price on! There's a reason why more and more companies are using coaching, because it works!
  • Business / Professional Coaching / Business Development (Expert)
    Companies request coaching to address a variety of challenges including a desire to: Identify and overcome gaps and challenges in individual leadership styles Enhance required competencies or job skills Assist the transition of a new leader Cultivate effective 360 degree relationships Leverage the organization's culture, structure and processes Develop presentation skills Develop political savvy Manage change Deal effectively with conflict Build an effective team


  • Teresa Giosia. (2007). Don't let me off, I want to live!. Teraluna Enterprises.
  • Teresa Giosia. (2007). Doubleclick, A woman's intimate Journey. Teraluna Enterprises.
  • Teresa Giosia. (2007). Single and Loving it!. Teraluna Enterprises.

Teaching Experience

  • English as a 2nd Language (Current)
    • Contractual /freelance – English
    • Teaching English as a 2nd language (grammar/conversational) on a corporate level, to executives that desire to attain great skill and abilities that will enable them to get to the next level in the professional life.


  • Motivational Speaker/Corporate, Life Coach (04/2002 – Current) Teraluna Enterprises
  • Training and Development Manager (10/2003 – 09/2007) Telecom Industry
  • Learning Specialist/Trainer (04/2000 – 10/2003) SRS Media