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Murli Manohar Verma

Murli Manohar Verma


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Murli Manohar Verma is a member of the Virtual Speakers Bureau



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Skills & Interests

  • Humanities / World Languages (Advanced)
    Literature, especially from Hindi language sources. This is a musical reminder of the crackling interconnections...lest it should fade into oblivion
  • Social Sciences / Psychology / Clinical and Counseling (Intermediate)
    It is the age of psychosomatic disorders, where everyone needs an integrated psyche(mind)+ soma (body) approach. It gratifies me to extend it to universe too, across light-cones (transcending space-time limits)
  • Humanities / Philosophy (Advanced)
    Epistemological vs. ontic ?? I go for the former...


  • Lucknow University Faculty Innovation Team
    LU 04/2010 – 04/2015


  • English
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    • Reading level: Superior
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    • Speaking level: Intermediate
    • Reading level: Intermediate
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    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior