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Samuel Birk picture

Samuel Birk

MERLOT Contributor
Web Paraprofessional
Member Type: Student
Last Login: Oct 29, 2003
Member Since: Oct 29, 2003



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Contact Information

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Skills & Interests

  • Science and Technology/Information Technology/Web (Expert)
    Web Paraprofessional:<br/>College of Scholarship & Technology Learning, SEMO Univ. Aug 2001-May ?04<br/>Title: Student Technology Consultant<br/>Description: Tech Support, Remote Access Help, Develop and assist Web support and/or Online classes
  • Science and Technology/Information Technology/E-commerce (Advanced)
    Paid sites I have created or worked on:<br/> Posted Date: 3/01 <br/>Position: Web manger. Description: Start-up, E-Forms, Shopping Cart, Site Promoter.<br/> Posted Date: 1/01<br/> Posted Date: 10/00 <br/>Position: Web manger, Consulting-Present<br/> Posted Date: 7/00
  • Science and Technology/Information Technology/Web (Advanced)