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Skills & Interests


    member 07/2015 – Current
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers
    Member 01/2002 – Current
  • Michigan Simulation Users Group
    various 03/1990 – Current

Education History

  • Masters Mathematics (06/1968)
    University of Wisconsin
  • Bachelors Mathematics (06/1967)
    Michigan State University


  • Asim Farooq, Mowen Xie, Edward J. Williams, Vimal Kr. Gahlot, Du Yan, and Zhou Yi. (2018). Downsizing Strategy for Cars, Beijing for People Not for Cars: Planning for People in Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering. ((46,1) 50-57).
  • Gabriel Carreño, Srinivas Rajanna, Edward J. Williams. (2018). Simulation Analysis Improves Operations at Emergency Department and Surgical Suite in Proceedings of the 16th International Industrial Simulation Conference. (62-66).
  • Ramesh, Ganapathi Baliada, Brittany Harju, Daniel Scipione, Kristina Vujic, and Edward J. Williams. (2018). Simulation Improves Service and Resource Allocation at a Salon in Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Modeling and Applied Simulation. (88-94).

Teaching Experience

  • ISM 382 Advanced Computer Applications (Current)
    • University of Michigan - Dearborn – Advanced applications of Microsoft Excel and VBA to business
    • 1. Become an advanced user (often called a power user) of Microsoft Excel® and (lesser emphasis) Microsoft Access®. 2. Understand the processes for creating and modifying workbooks and worksheets. 3. Be able to utilize appropriate formulae, functions, and formatting to manipulate, organize, and present data. 4. Be able to solve business problem
  • DS 632 System Simulation (Summer 2021)
    • University of Michigan - Dearborn – Discrete-event process simulation using Simio
    • System Simulation course, graduate level.
  • DS 300 Quantitative Modeling and Analysis I (Fall 2020)
    • University of Michigan - Dearborn – Basic probability and statistics (descriptive & inferential) in business context
    • To introduce fundamental concepts and methods in data analysis, probability, estimation, and statistical inference for application in management and management science.


  • English
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior
  • French
    • Speaking level: Novice
    • Reading level: Novice
  • German
    • Speaking level: Beginner
    • Reading level: Intermediate

Honors & Awards

  • IEOM Ambassador Award (08/2020)
    On behalf of IEOM Society International, it is my pleasure to inform you that you will be recognized with the following award at the 5th North American International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management during August 10-14, 2020. The IEOM Award Committee has selected you for the award in recognition and appreciation of your achievements, contributions, dedication, and lifelong achievement in the industrial engineering and operations management profession.
  • Collegiate Lecturer Program Award (03/2019)
    Nominated and selected by faculty/student committee.
  • Best Paper in Track Award (03/2015)
    Received best-in-track award for: Gruber, Jared W., Renée Smiddy, Jeffrey M. Watson, and Edward J. Williams. (2015). Simulation Helps Local Grocery Store Compete Effectively Against Large Chains. In IEOM 2015 conference, Operations Excellence track.



  • Adjunct Lecturer (09/1980 – Current) University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Senior Technical Specialist (01/2002 – Current) PMC
  • Senior Technical Specialist (08/1972 – 12/2001) Ford Motor Company