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Chem 111 College Chemistry

by VCCS Team
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This is the college chemistry course for science and engineering majors. Prerequisites:Students should have completed high school chemistry or non-science majors chemistry in college

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Interactive Chemistry Lab

Added 07/28/2006
This site provides chemistry students, and any other interested users, a chance to be more actively engaged in learning about some important chemical concepts. The pages within this site are designed to simulate experiments, allow the collection of data,

Atomic Theory: The Early Days

Added 07/28/2006
An interactive educational tutorial designed to provide information on atomic structure. This tutorial includes animations and simulations, discussion boards, interactive quizzes and is available in both English and Spanish.

Ideal Gas Law

Added 07/28/2006
Explore the relationships between Volume, Pressure and Temperature that form the basis of the ideal gas law and the piston.

Labwrite: Improving lab reports

Added 07/28/2006
LabWrite guides students through the entire lab experience. The resources are divided into four parts that are structured around the lab process. PreLab: An opportunity to actually understand what the lab is all about before it starts. InLab: How to set u

What's in a Name: Chemical Nomenclature Review

Added 07/28/2006
A web-based learning aid part of JCE's WebWare Open Review Collection. Web-based flash cards to review General Chemistry Nomenclature.

Online ChemSkill Builder

Added 07/28/2006
This incredible online tool contains more than 1500 algorithmically generated questions, each with tutorial feedback. There is a direct correlation between student time investment in this program and increased problem-solving ability. A record of student

Qualitative Analysis - Group I Cations

Added 07/28/2006
A simulated experiment on qualitative analysis of the Group I cations. User may select solutions containing known cations, unknown cations as a trial experiment, or unknown cations as an assigned experiment. Results are graded in the trial mode. In the as

Scientific units and dimensions

Added 07/28/2006
The SI base units and decimal prefixis, derived units dimensions, graphical depiction of practical ranges of units in chemistry. An in-depth treatment intended to supplement or replace a standard textbook

An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Added 07/28/2006
Titled, "An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules", this site is an in-depth review of the basics of atomic structures and atomic physics. Topics such as probability amplitudes, the hydrogen atom, atomic orbitals, the electronic

Ideal Gas Law Simulation

Added 07/28/2006
An effective tool to help students learn about all aspects of the ideal gas law. One of the best web gas law simulations.

Spectra of the elements

Added 07/28/2006
This applet displays the periodic table of elements and allows one to look up the spectra of the elements. Both emission and absorption lines are accessible. Clicking on an element will show its line spectrum (as a neutral species). Cursor interrogation

Chemistry Study Cards

Added 07/28/2006
Flash cards for both AP and general Chemistry. Easy to read and understand format with language that clearly and concisely explains each concept. Great resource for students to reinforce and quickly refresh topics covered in class.

Significant figures and rounding off

Added 07/28/2006
Digits, significant and otherwise; rules for rounding off and the reasoning behind them; some special cases such as crossing power-of-10 boundaries. Elementary but thorough treatment suitable for beginners in science

Chembalancer - balancing equations game

Added 07/28/2006
This game teaches balancing equations by inspection. You type in numbers in front of each molecule, then click the "Balanced" button.

Animated Chemistry Tutorials and Models

Added 07/28/2006
Animated Tutorials for generating Lewis Structures and applyiing VSEPR theory. Visualization of Valence Bonds in Lewis structures. Animations of Phase Diagram, Heating/Cooling Curves, Hybridization and Water. Animation of Diatomic Molecular Orbitals Const

The meaning of a measurement: accuracy and precision

Added 07/28/2006
How to deal with error and scatter in measured values; absolute and relative uncertainty. An elementary but thorough treatment suitable for beginners in science.

Water Science For Schools

Added 07/28/2006
Good site for learning about water for middle, high school students, and freshman college student. Excellent resource from a government laboratory

Virtual Chemistry Laboratory

Added 07/28/2006
The IrYdium Project site is a site hosted by Carnegie Mellon University and
This site provides a collection of Java based applets that simulate chemical interactions.
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