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Materials for Introductory Sociology

by Jennifer Lerner
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Modules to use in student assignments in Soc 200, 201, and 202.

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CorpWatch: Holding Corporations Accountable

Added 10/12/2006
Use for teaching globalization, environment, labor issues, and other issues related to corporate power. Might want to check out the research guide and give an assignment to students to research a corporation.

Level of Measurement

Added 10/05/2006
Website with brief overview of nominal, ordinal, and interval-ratio levels of measurement with brief practice problems asking students to identify which level applies to each example. Could be useful in research methods unit/course.

Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America

Added 10/05/2006
Very attractive, easy to navigate, comprehensive site on Asian Americans (stereotypes about Asian Americans, Asian American history, current Asian American issues, news links, statistics, etc.). Great resource for diversity unit, race studies, etc.

The Global Social Change Research Project

Added 10/05/2006
Huge compendium of materials on global issues and social change. Links to online sources of statistics, research reports, etc. on all aspects of global issues and organizations studying and trying to affect them.

Mapping Queer Meanings

Added 10/07/2006
Site examining homosexuality across cultures and times. Made my an LGBT activist, so focused not only on showing images and text from the past but also on countering stereotypes about LGBT people. Includes lots of images and discussion of many common stereotypes, along with personal twist of how they make LGBT people feel and how the community can challenge them. Useful for LGBT studies in any discipline.

Exploring Constitutional Law

Added 10/07/2006
Site on constitutional issues with brief summaries of the issues and slightly longer summaries of relevant cases on a variety of key issues (abortion, gay rights, gun rights, death penalty, equal protection issues, etc.). Introductory students might find some of the legal stuff hard to handle, but with proper instructor framing, could be useful.

Child Prostitution - CSEC

Added 11/04/2006
Site on child prostitution worldwide. Has a few very basic lesson plans, discussion topics, etc. Image archive okay but a bit sketchy. Links to info on particular countries. Probably most useful is links to large number of articles on the topic, for use in preparing lectures.

Multicultural Pavilion

Added 10/07/2006
Gorski's site on multicultural education. Variety of materials including articles, quotes about multiculturalism, materials for teachers, speeches, reviews of films on multicultural issues, handouts to use, etc.

Outreach World

Added 10/07/2006
Site designed to help teachers teach about the world. Materials focus on all parts of the world (e.g., Africa units, Latin America units, country-specific stuff, etc.) and provide lesson plans, useful internet sites, etc. Mostly for K-12 but many of the resources could be used in college-level assignments.

Anthony Giddens Lecture on Globalization

Added 10/07/2006
Site provides the lecture in text, video, and audio form. Also includes an interview with Giddens and a brief biographical sketch.

NAFTA: Are Jobs Being Sucked Out of the United States?

Added 10/07/2006
Online lesson on NAFTA. Covers opposing views on how it has affected jobs in the U.S., including data charts for students to analyze and questions for them to answer. Questions are in odd format, requiring students to click an icon to scroll through them, but students can actually type answers onto "notebook paper" in the exercise and then print the answers (assuming the site works correctly) to turn in.

E Pluribus Unum: America in the 1770s, 1850s, and 1920s

Added 10/07/2006
Neat site examining how Americans have dealt with becoming "one from many" in various historical periods. Offers primary documents (speeches, diaries, etc.) from the periods as well as commentary to help students understand them. Also includes syllabi for how to make use of the materials to teach specific issues (women's rights, etc.).

Research Methods

Added 10/08/2006
Learning object on research methods. Includes brief description plus brief treatment of strengths and weaknesses of experiments, correlational studies, surveys, naturalistic observation, and case studies. Also gives a concrete example of a specific study using each research method for sociology, psychology, biology, and geology. Also includes a post-test to check learning.

Verstehen: Max Weber Website

Added 10/08/2006
Could be useful for planning lectures or for directing students to an overview of Weber's thought if teaching theory unit.

Sociology Workbench

Added 10/08/2006
Site that allows students to create and then administer online a survey, then analyze the data (i.e., it's a free statistical software package). Also includes embedded data sets they can analyze. Requires registration, but is free. Might be useful for research methods course.

Teaching about Biases Against Immigration

Added 10/08/2006
Good idea for a simple exercise to begin discussion about xenophobia/anti-immigrant bias throughout American history.

The Sociology of Death and Dying

Added 10/08/2006
Extensive site on all aspects of death and dying, from legal aspects to moral aspects to ceremonialization and relation of death to various social institutions. Could be used for research projects on death and dying, or for death and dying course.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Added 10/01/2006
Slide show and video clips with narrative describing key points from the experiment. Includes discussion questions within the slide show narrative and in a separate link, connections to prison history (Attica, Abu Ghraib, etc.), and extensive set of links to Zimbardo's related speeches and writings, to US criminal justice system links, to prison reform organizations, etc.

Religious Movements Home Page

Added 10/02/2006
Site begun by the late Jeffrey Hadden at the University of Virginia and now maintained by Douglas Cowan. Includes extensive list of religious movements with detailed profiles (history, major figures and events, beliefs and activities, links and bibliographies for further information). Also a few articles on new religious movements, the sociological definition of a cult, etc.

Survey of Ethical Theoretic Aptitudes

Added 10/02/2006
Quick 15-question quiz that identifies a student's ethical style (various levels of utilitarian and deontologist, mainly). Easy to score and could be basis of discussion on approaches to ethics and their implications for social policy decisions.

PBS TeacherSource

Added 10/02/2006
Site collecting lesson plans, links, and articles on large range of topics, organized by broad discipline groups (e.g. social sciences) and then by topic within each group. Includes materials connected to PBS documentaries and other things (e.g. assignments to go with major novels like Invisible Man). Covers activities for all K-12 grades but none for college, so most would have to be adapted for college use.

Active Learning Strategies for Teaching about Religion

Added 09/25/2006
Laura Shulma's site with extensive resources (including handouts and other teaching materials) on teaching religion. Organized by indexes that connect materials to particular teaching styles. Use of each activity carefully described (length of time needed, materails needed, etc.).

Race: The Power of an Illusion

Added 09/24/2006
Companion website to film by the same title. Six interesting interactive modules on social construction of race, complexity of human diversity, and consequences of our ideas about race.

All Mixed Up: Putting Gender Identity Into Perspective

Added 09/24/2006
Site with personal story of a transsexual psychology graduate student, mixed with information about the broader transsexual community and its concerns as well as academic context. Addresses the issue of the scientific pathologizing of transsexual people.

People Like Us: Social Class in America

Added 09/24/2006
Companion site to film by the same name. Includes fun games to explore social class and its connections to taste; clips from film; links to articles about social class; discussion board; teacher's guide; and more.

Growing Up Global

Added 09/24/2006
Includes great photoessay with compelling photos accompanied by brief statements about world issues (air pollution, overconsumption, unsafe food, child labor, etc.). Also "Kid Cards" feature with basic facts about life options, health, etc. in several different countries. EcoHouse feature about "living more with less," a "development atlas" to examine global inequality, and other resources.

The September 11 Digital Archive

Added 09/24/2006
Stories, video, audio, photos, and related documents and websites collecting memories of the September 11 attacks.

The 9/11 Commission Report

Added 09/24/2006
Useful if doing a unit on government response to terrorism or on the attacks in general.

Historic Ad Collection

Added 09/24/2006
Great resource--searchable or browsable collection of newspaper/magazine ads from 1911 to 1955. Can be used to illustrate cultural themes from times past.

The Triangle Factory Fire

Added 09/24/2006
Detailed exploration of major event in labor history; can have students explore this in connection with current issues (continued use of sweatshops around the world, etc.). Useful assignment attached in MERLOT.

Vozes sem terra

Added 09/24/2006
Site about the landless movement in Brazil. Site navigation not immediately apparent to me, but peer review shows that site has many useful resources that could be used for global inequality unit.

Learning About the Death Penalty

Added 09/24/2006
Excellent module outlining basic arguments against the death penalty and offering assignments to go with each part, as well as many related links to allow students to explore each question further.

Global Education

Added 10/10/2006
Australian site to help teachers teach about global issues. Includes overview on various major global issues (human rights, globalization, gender, HIV/AIDS, health, children's rights, the environment, etc.). Also includes lesson plans for K-12.

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Added 09/24/2006
Quiz for students to self-assess their impact on the environment; good for introducing unit on the environment and conveying the importance and scope of the issues raised.

Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project

Added 09/24/2006
Snazzy site with brief pieces of text, as well as photos and audio, about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII.

Eugenics Archive

Added 09/24/2006
Virtual exhibit on the eugenics movement (philosophy, activities, Buck vs. Bell case, etc.).

Fight hate and promote tolerance

Added 09/24/2006, project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Includes articles on current topics in race, class, and other forms of diversity, action items, and reports on hate activities at college campuses and elsewhere.

Implicit Association Tests

Added 09/24/2006
Harvard's Implicit Association Tests site, including information about how the tests work as well as the ability to take the test by computer and get results on one's own implicit assumptions. Includes tests on a variety of social dimensions (race, sexual orientation, gender, weight, etc.).

Global Issues that Affect Everyone

Added 10/09/2006
Site with a huge number of articles (many of which include links to additional online sources like UN reports and work by journalists) on a wide range of global issues, including poverty, sustainable development, foreign aid, conflicts around the world (various parts of Africa, East Timor, etc.), the war on terror, AIDS, women's rights, and many more. Can use for preparing lectures or for short student research assignments.


Added 10/09/2006
World Bank site on poverty including both overviews and very detailed reports on various issues regarding poverty worldwide, including country-specific information, organizations working to reduce poverty, how poverty levels are assessed and evaluated, and more. Discusses World Bank efforts as well as providing general information about poverty. Includes statistical information as well as more qualitative information such as the Voices of the Poor project (an hour-long documentary in which poor people discuss the experience of poverty, and from which the site includes some quotes).

BBC World Service Spanish

Added 10/02/2006
BBC World website including articles and audio on large range of topics. Useful for comparing American news to news coverage from other countries and for giving students a starter source for research on global issues or global issues overview.

Teaching Human Rights Online

Added 10/22/2006
Includes modules on variety of human rights violations, including genocide, women's rights, and forced labor and the responsibility of American corporations to prevent it, which would be useful for global issues unit in Soc 202 or 200.

Pollution Information by Zip Code

Added 07/29/2008
Could use in Soc 200, or in Soc 202 for environment unit (along with carbon footprint exercise).
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