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Business Support Materials

by Michael Grantham
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Non-text teaching materials - some interactive and possible relevant resources

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The Cameron Balloon Factory

Added 03/29/2009
This is an excellent interactive on-line case study of the Cameron Hot Air Balloon factory in Bristol, UK. It covers many aspects of the functional disciplines of business: human resource management, operations, production management, accounting, marketing, etc. It also includes hypertext links to different departments in the ACTUAL FACTORY! The site is Illustrated with real photos, bios of various managers, and data. This is a real find!


Added 03/29/2009
This site contains information on developing and evaluating advertising campaigns, along with educational resources and additional related links. The author's stated objective of the site is to summarize all useful knowledge about how to create an effective advertising campaign so that researchers, practitioners, and students can use it. There is also an advertising glossary.

Cash Flow Statement

Added 03/29/2009
This computer based instruction tutorial teaches students how to develop a Statement of Cash Flow (SCF) from given balance sheet and income statement information.

Guide to Financial Statements

Added 03/29/2009
Explains three major financial statements: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Includes interactive activities, quizzes and printable study guide.

E-Commerce Business Ethics Case Study

Added 03/29/2009
Students will explore ethical decision making and current issues in e-commerce as they follow the developments of E-Kin -- a company started by graduate students. As E-Kin grows and delves into the world of e-commerce, the founders and executives encounter some tough decision making.

Alcie - the accounting students' friend

Added 03/29/2009
This is a simple animated tool that helps beginning accounting students learn the rules of debits and credits.

Advertising Literacy

Added 03/29/2009
This module is part of a general course, Media and Culture, designed to accompany a CD rom. The material presented is concerns Advertising Literacy and Advertising Techniques. There is some course content provided as well as examples of print and video ads to illustrate the concepts.

Drills for Accounting Basics

Added 03/29/2009
Drills for Accounting Basics consists of 22 topics covered in a typical Introductory Principles of Financial and Principles of Managerial Accounting courses. Separate drills exist for: 1) Accounting Basics, 2) Accounting Principles, 3) Adjusting Entries, 4) Balance Sheet, 5) Bank Reconciliation, 6) Break-Even Point, 7) Cash Flow Statement, 8) Chart of Accounts, 9) Debits and Credits, 10) Depreciation, 11) Evaluating Business Investments, 12) Financial Ratios, 13) Improving Profits, 14) Income Statement, 15) Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold, 16) Lower of Cost or Market, 17) Overhead and Activity Based Costing, 18) Payroll Accounting, 19) Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity, 20) Present Value of 1, 21) Standard Costing, and 22) Stockholders’ Equity. All drills are interactive and provide feedback.

Basic Financial Statements

Added 03/29/2009
This is a series of "lectures" that describe the concept of double entry accounting, the balance sheet and the income statement. Students can read through the lectures, see examples, and take practice quizzes.

Big Dog's Leadership Page

Added 03/29/2009
This resource provides activities that can be used in class regarding Leadership

Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin

Added 03/29/2009
These are a series of 20 mini-cases that concern ethical dilemmas in business. The game was designed to educate the employees of Lockheed Martin (and other high tech corporations that have adopted the game) about ethical norms, corporate support for coping with ethically significant problems, and corporate policy. Each mini-case is accompanied by four candidate answers and each of these answers has a score between -20 and +15 and a brief explanation.

HTML Interactive Tutorial

Added 03/29/2009
This site is a great tutorial, consisting of a number of different chapters. The basic HTML tutorial explains HTML and is followed by chapters on developing one's own webpage. Additional suggestions follow such as Promotion, Generating Revenue, Getting a Domain, Hosting, and Design

The Case Interview

Added 03/29/2009
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) uses the "case interview" when hiring potential new consultants for their firm. This site actually provides a good example of the thinking and analytical skills needed to solve a business case. The site provides feedback and is interactive.

Time Value of Money Learning Object

Added 03/29/2009
This learning object combines a powerpoint presentation and video presentation of Time Value of Money basics (present value, future value, lump sums, annuities, perpetuity). Run time is approximately 10 minutes.

Everything International

Added 03/29/2009
This excellent, well-organized collection of annotated links to international business sites is created and maintained by Professor Lloyd Russow, Associate Dean, School of Business Administration, Philadelphia University.

Today's Front Pages

Added 03/29/2009
The collection of 284 newspaper front pages from 37 countries offers a fascinating daily look at what is deemed worthy of front-page placement around the world. You're sure to be surprised at the choices in some regions.

Entrepreneurship Classroom Activities

Added 03/29/2009
This site contains 13 classroom activities for an entrepreneurship class. In addition to background information about a variety of topics (Promotion Basics, Franchising Know-How, Ethical Behavior), discussion questions or small group projects are also included.

Business Ethics Cases 2

Added 03/29/2009
This site has links to a variety of cases and articles concerning business ethics. The cases have questions for discussion

Leadership Theory

Added 03/29/2009
A single module about Leadership Theory. Since some imbedded material is on a server that changes passwords every six months, please contact me to get the username and password for access to the imbedded files.

Virtual Developing Country

Added 03/29/2009
The site introduces many of the issues and ideas that are of interest in the field of development economics. Students can take a series of virtual field trips throughout Zambia visiting a number of places and people. At each stop on the way you are able to gain access to key data and economic theory, a glossary, pictures and have the opportunity to complete worksheets.

How Everyday Things Are Made

Added 03/29/2009
From Stanford University and narrated by Dr. Mark Martin, this site contains tutorials and video to show how common items are manufactured. Things like chocolate, glass, clothing, airplanes, cars, jellybeans are shown from start to finish. Site also includes manufacturing processes like die casting, blow molding, rapid prototyping, and much more. It also includes some career info, bibliographic info, and online tours.

Researching Companies Online

Added 03/29/2009
This is a website that contains links to a variety of types of information about companies. Each category (such as finding addresses, finding home pages, monitoring company news, etc.) has a number of different links that can be used to access the information.

Finance and Accounts 2: Analyzing Accounts - Lesson Plan

Added 03/29/2009
This Bized site provides a lesson plan for building student confidence with using accounting ratios and in interpreting the information provided by such ratios. Lesson objectives are provided as well as PowerPoint slides, a mind map, and an activity sheet that includes key issue questions and links to other resources.

Evaluating Product Packaging Using the VIEW Model

Added 03/29/2009
This site contains details for a class exercise in product packaging. The primary learning objective is to achieve higher level learning about packaging relative to a model. Details and suggestions are provided by the author.

Baruch College Digital Media Library

Added 03/29/2009
Full of excellent educational resources in video format.

The Global Marketplace

Added 03/29/2009
This is a lecture on the global marketplace. Topics include Marketing Research, Electronic Commerce, Economics, Culture, Political & Legal Environment, Targeting, and Entry Strategies. It is a good summary for an International Marketing class.

Glossary for Business (Accounting & Economics)

Added 03/29/2009
This business glossary contains term covering the disciplines of Economics and Accounting as defined in the United Kingdom. Students can enter an accounting term to return the definition of the term as well as links to related diagrams, other terms, related URLs, and related acronyms.

Lesson Plan on Break-Even Analysis and Budgeting

Added 03/29/2009
This Bized site provides a lesson plan to encourage students to build confidence in the use of break even charts and to incorporate within the analysis price elasticity of demand and some basic ICT skills using Excel spreadshets. Lesson objectives are provided as well as PowerPoint slides, a mind map, and an activity sheet that includes key issue questions and links to other resources.

Lesson Plan on Culture and Globalization

Added 03/29/2009
This lesson plan contains numerous activities for students to explore the spread of American culture throughout the world, including a role-playing exercise on a major U.S.-Canada trade dispute.

Human Resources Instructional eXchange

Added 03/29/2009
A web site devoted to the effective and innovative teaching of HR. The HRIX provides a forum and clearinghouse for the exchange of teaching ideas, resources, and materials.

E-Kin2 Case Study

Added 03/29/2009
This is a case for a mature company involved in e-commerce. Included are a history of the company, bios of the employees, and information on ethical issues of privacy, security, compensation and free speech. Each of these topics also has questions for discussion.

Financial Ratios

Added 03/29/2009
This feature on ratio analysis has a variety of information and worksheets to help you to understand the key financial ratios that you will need to interpret company accounts. For each type of ratio there is an explanation of its meaning and three worksheets that help you learn to calculate and interpret the ratios.

Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges

Added 03/29/2009
Excellent article on how to communicate effectively in a cross cultural setting. Discusses common obstacles and gives tips on how to over come these obstacles. A great read reference for anybody interested in cross-cultural communication.

Internet Based Marketing Readings

Added 03/29/2009
This is a very comprehensive list of marketing articles in a variety of topics, from advertising to supply chain management. A link is provided to each of the articles. This would be a great resource for anyone teaching marketing classes.

Interviewing Styles: Tips for Interview Approaches

Added 03/29/2009
This resource is some advice for both employers and job candidates. There is a complete description of the various types of interviews and advice on how to handle them. The site also has links of interest to interviewers.

Breeze Marketing Mini Lecture on Setting Prices

Added 03/29/2009
This is a mini lecture on setting prices using break even analysis. Breeze is the medium and it comes through pretty clearly for students who only have dial up internet access. It works well on low bandwidth because it utilizes still imagery rather than streaming video.

Interactive Business Simulation - Costs and Break Even Analysis

Added 03/29/2009
Flash-based interactive simulation helps introduce students to the concept of business costs and break-even. Supporting notes and a worksheet are available to help guide students through the simulation.

Business Plan Guidelines

Added 03/29/2009
This is a 50+ page document provided to students taking a 12-credit, junior-level course that combines marketing, management, finance, and operations. These very comprehensive guidelines explain the mission and structure of the course, but the primary focus is helping students develop a business plan.

Marketing Strategy Unit for Introductory Marketing

Added 03/29/2009
Information about marketing strategy for an introductory marketing course.

International Negotiations

Added 03/29/2009
This is a short quiz that tests one's knowledge of negotiation techniques in a variety of cultures. This could be used in a class in which the professor would display the question and ask for a vote of how many yes's and how many no's. Discussion could then take place regarding the cultural values that are affected by the situation.

Campaigns That Have Made a Difference

Added 03/29/2009
For more than 60 years, the Ad Council has developed hundreds of public service advertising campaigns. The selected campaigns described below are more than memorable -- they have made a measurable difference in our society. From "Loose Lips Sink Ships" in 1942 to "I am an American" in 2001, these PSAs prove the tremendous impact of public service advertising in America.

Break Even Analysis Tool

Added 03/29/2009
Break-Even Analysis is a financial tool that allows marketing managers to estimate how many units of a product a company needs to sell in order to break even, assuming a given cost and price structure for a product.

Monopoly: A Hands on Simulation Game for Beginning Accounting Students

Added 03/29/2009
The game Monopoly® has been used in accounting courses as an alternative to practice sets. The purpose of this module is to lead introductory accounting students through the required steps of the accounting cycle. This module includes a scenario to set the stage for the project, game play instructions for students, excel worksheets, and accompanying questions. The materials in this module provide for a variety of approaches.

Virtual Farm - Running You Own Business

Added 03/29/2009
This is a small business simulation by Bized in the U.K. Participants are asked to make decisions regarding the operation of a farm based on environmental factors. This site does not have a lot of supplemental links, unlike other Bized virtual worlds. However, students can work through ten years of making decisions.

Introductory Unit for Introductory Marketing

Added 03/29/2009
An introduction to marketing primer.

Advanced Marketing Planning

Added 03/29/2009
This is a commercial site, but the presentation here could be used as a summary of marketing practices. The site contains useful information for professors to refresh their knowledge, use examples in class, or assign to students.

Leadership Out of the Box

Added 03/29/2009
This website by David Boje at NMSU contains a teaching module called, "Leadership Out of the Box." Go to his main website, then find the Teaching Resources box. Click on Myers-Briggs. That will take you to the module. It contains an on-line self-assessment, along with an assignment for understanding different dimensions of leadership. The assessment is conducted on-line, using the Myers-Briggs indicator

Store Wars: When Walmart Comes to Town

Added 03/29/2009
This website from PBS was designed to support a film that appeared regarding how Walmart entered the town of Ashland, Virginia and how the townspeople fought against it. There are links to other articles as well as the ability to purchase the film. However, the information here could lead to a lively class discussion. The site also has 3 extensive lesson plans for instructors to cover the material.

Building Blocks for Teams

Added 03/29/2009
This site was developed to demonstrate how to effectively incorporate teamwork into your courses, avoid common pitfalls and turn it into a valuable learning experience for your students.

Marketing Teacher Lesson Store

Added 03/29/2009
Free resources on the topic of marketing.

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Added 03/29/2009
This web site explores the use of product placement in movies. Facts are provided, and products that have been placed in a variety of movies are identified. Questions for discussion are provided.

Segmentation Unit for Introductory Marketing

Added 03/29/2009
Information about segmentation for an introductory marketing course.

Strategy Teaching Toolkit

Added 03/29/2009
This site includes a wealth of information for a Business Strategy course. Included are readings for managers, cases, PowerPoint presentations, sample business plans and links to other relevant sites.

Product Life Cycle

Added 03/29/2009
Students are first presented with a quiz on the stages of the Product Life Cycle. They then must indicate graphically where each phase falls, and then place products that are in the appropriate stage.

Marketing Plan Outline

Added 03/29/2009
This sitei provides information on how to write an abbreviated Marketing Plan to support the launch of a new product. The Marketing Plan described in detail below combines the [Kotler] Text's outline of a Marketing Plan (Table 2-2, p. 68) with some details from the Marketing Plan for TAXIGUY provided in Appendix 2.

Lesson Plan for Market Research

Added 03/29/2009
This Bized site provides a lesson plan on the subject of market research and particularly the relevance of secondary research. Lesson objectives are provided as well as PowerPoint slides, a mind map, and an activity sheet that includes key issue questions and links to other resources.

All About Branding

Added 03/29/2009
This site is a collection of articles, aimed at marketing managers, but also useful for marketing students and possibly researchers. The articles are divided by stage of the branding process: creating, communicating, living, measuring, managing and extending. To learn more about branding, go to the Resources section, where there are tools, a glossary of terms, book reviews and links to some state of the art sites on branding. Articles are contributed by practitioners in marketing, and short bios are given for them

Consumer Culture

Added 03/29/2009
This module is part of a general course, Media and Culture, designed to accompany a CD rom. The material here concerns the development of a "consumer culture" and how consumers make decisions. There is course content provided as well as examples of print and video ads to illustrate the concepts.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index

Added 03/29/2009
The ACSI tracks trends in customer satisfaction and provides valuable benchmarking insights of the consumer economy for companies, industry trade associations, and government agencies. Data is available for the latest quarter on various Retail, Finance/Insurance and E-Commerce companies.

Marketing Problem Solving: The 10 Things They Don't Teach About Marketing in College

Added 03/29/2009
This site offers simple explanations for a variety of marketing issues including: Growing Sales, Segmentation Circle, Buyer Behavior Flow Chart, Black Hole, 3 Ps, MAGIC, Behavioral Premise, Natural Market, Implementation Profile and the Problem Solving Format (overall logic of marketing decisions). The author offers a unique way of presenting some supplemental information for a Principles of Marketing class. After the presentation of the material, there are some important summary points made.

Uses of Accounting Information and the Financial Statements (Chapter 1)

Added 03/29/2009
This module consists of 7 YouTube videos that coincide with Chapter 1 of the 9th edition of the Needles and Powers Financial Accounting textbook. Each video is 4-5 minutes in length. Accounting Basics video titles include: 1) Where did accounting come from? 2) Accounting Equation, 3) Assets, 4) Liabilities, 5) Stockholders' Equity, 6) Expanded Accounting Equation, and 7) Financial Statements.

How Product Placement Works

Added 03/29/2009
This site provides some background on product placement in movies and television. There are a number of examples from these as well as examples from product placement in books, videos and songs.

Case Studies from the Knowledge Hub

Added 03/29/2009
This site from The Chartered Institute of Marketing offers descriptions of brief cases that can be downloaded. The collection includes marketing effectiveness award winners and Superbrands. The case studies in this section have been selected to demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing and the contribution that marketing makes to business development - across all business sectors.

Present and Future Value of Money

Added 03/29/2009
A time line is used to explain the value of money is determined by when it exists. The value of winning a million dollar lottorey ticket with twenty $50,000 payments is used. Students then calculate the total dollar outlay when buying a car over three years vs. five years. Tables provided.

Cash Flow Simulation

Added 03/29/2009
Cash Flow simulation provides an understanding of the main principles surrounding the issue of cash as it applies to British accounting. The module illustrates positive, stable, and negative cash flows through clever animations. Finally, users are given the opportunity to manage the cash flow of a company for a year by playing the PotArts Ltd. game.

Buyer Behavior Unit for Introductory Marketing

Added 03/29/2009
Information about segmentation for an introductory marketing course.

Grassroots Marketing

Added 03/29/2009
This group of articles from describe businesses that have found effective ways to spread the word about their businesses and to retain their customers without spending a fortune. Specific topics include Acquiring Customers, Retaining Customers, Product Sales, Word of Mouth, and Tips for Soloists and Partnerships.

Strategic Internet Marketing Resources

Added 03/29/2009
A compilation of online resources that can be used in courses such as internet marketing, e-commerce, or web design.

Motivation in the Workplace

Added 03/29/2009
This is an article on employee motivation that includes additional links such as theories, Hawthorn experiments, and other issues. Each of the full topics is downloadable for a price, but one can page through the desired information for free.

Product Portfolio Analysis

Added 03/29/2009
This Bized site provides a lesson plan designed to try and encourage students to apply their knowledge and understanding of the product life cycle and the Boston matrix to a particular product. Lesson objectives are provided as well as PowerPoint slides, a mind map, and an activity sheet that includes key issue questions and links to other resources.

Starting Up on a Shoestring

Added 03/29/2009
This site from links to archives for tips, strategies, and success stories of starting up on a shoestring. Specific topics include Success Stories, Charge It!, The Bank of Family and Friends, and Get Creative.

BricksOrClicks Channel Conflict Simulation

Added 03/30/2009
Be the CEO of a fictional toy manufacturer and manage conflicts between traditional and web distribution channels. Used in graduate courses at Wharton, Kellogg, UC Irvine, and around the world.

Data Flow on the Internet

Added 03/30/2009
This turorial is a very easy to understand, pictorial description of how packets flow across the Internet.

Tutorials related to E-Commerce Concepts

Added 03/30/2009
A series of free, simple, web-based tutorials on e-commerce-related concepts such as html, cgi, PR, e-mail, spam, cookies, privacy, domain names, Windows, business plan, online advertising, and e-commerce essentials

The Webby Awards

Added 03/30/2009
Presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, The Webby Awards is the preeminent honor for Web sites. It is an institution dedicated to testing the intersection of culture and technology and to finding the most influential people and the best works in emerging technologies.

Digital Marketing Tools

Added 03/30/2009
Digital Marketing Tools is an interactive technical note which introduces the students to the most important techniques of online marketing. An interactive information graphic shows the different areas of Marketing and their applications in a digital world. A final exercise challenges the students to elaborate their own digital marketing plan. A podcast with additional comments of the author complements the technical note and gives a personalised point of view.

Investopedia - Your Source For Investing Education

Added 03/30/2009
This site contains information on investing money. It has a stock market simulation "game" that allows users to make trades (long, short, limit, stops, options, margin) with real time markets in a play money portfolio that also realizes stock splits, dividends, and mergers. The simulation can be set up for group competition. Investopedia also has tutorials for beginners and intermediate investors, financial calculators, dictionary, and articles discussing a wide range of topics from mutual funds to retirement. The site is easy to use but does have a moderate amount of advertisements, perhaps necessary to keep it free.

Investing Basics

Added 03/30/2009
This site contains a tutorial on investing basics. It covers general information as well as information on investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It is part of a much larger site on investing and personal finance.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Added 03/30/2009
The Public Relations Committee of the Advertising Women of New York were charged to create an awards ceremony that would celebrate advertising that depicted women positively, and embarrass those advertisers whose ads denigrated women. The only judging criterion was, "Would you show the ad to your daughter or son?" The overwhelming success and positive press encouraged AWNY's PR Committee to make the event an annual awards ceremony. These ads can be used in the classroom to demonstrate how discriminatory some of the ads are.

Media College

Added 03/30/2009 is a free resource website providing educational and reference material in the field of electronic media. Topics covered include video & television production, audio work, still imagery & graphics, website design and more.

LIB 740 : Kids Vid

Added 03/30/2009
All the needed information to guide students (teachers)in video production:Camera work, storyboard, scripting, etc.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources

Added 03/30/2009
This web site provides guidelines on how to direct students to use the Web for research. Suggestions are directed towards instructors on how to use the Internet in instruction. Links to various Web sites are given for students to determine if the sites meet the Web guideline criteria. A bibliography on Web evaluation is also provided.

Types of Consumer Products

Added 03/30/2009
This is a PowerPoint presentation that describes consumer products. Topics include classification of consumer products, explains the relevance of them, and describes the marketing mix for each.

Media and Credit Cards

Added 03/30/2009
The main objective of the unit is a 3 day lesson plan designed to enlighten students on the credit card culture in America and the pitfalls which media literate individuals may seek to avoid.

Retail Alphabet Game

Added 03/30/2009
The retail alphabet game is a fun branding-oriented quiz presented in a puzzle-style environment. At present, there are three editions of this game. After selecting an edition, users are presented with 26 alphabet letterforms, extracted from product and corporate logos within the United States. Students are to guess which brand name corresponds to each letter. This exercise can be used for discussions about branding and advertising recall.

Problem Solving Techniques

Added 04/06/2009
A collection of tools and techniques for solving complex problems.

Creative Thinking and Lateral Thinking Techniques

Added 04/06/2009
This site has training materials and exercises to help people think creatively. Techniques included here are Random Word, Random Picture, False Rules, Random Website, SCAMPER, Search and Reapply, Challenge Facts, Escape, Analogies, Wishful Thinking, and Thesaurus. Explanations are provided for using each technique and then links to four examples.

Life Colors Questionnaire

Added 04/06/2009
An on-line questionnaire that provides a general assessment of one's life orientation for career planning purposes. Scored on-line.
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