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BIO 101/102: General Biology--Energetics

by Kerry Flynn
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This section focuses on energy, photosynthesis, aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration.

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Photosynthesis (noncyclic and cyclic photophosphorylation)

Added 06/17/2009
This site contains tutorials and animations for the cyclic and noncyclic light dependent reactions, as well as the light-independent reactions of the Calvin cycle in photosynthesis.

Oxygenic Photosynthesis in Bacteria

Added 06/17/2009
This site is an animation of the light dependent (oxygen generating) reactions of photosynthesis. Note that the mechanism depicted is for prokaryotes and differs somewhat from what occurs in eukaryotes.

Connecting Concepts: Cell Biology/Chemiosmosis

Added 06/17/2009
This site provides an excellent presentation on this difficult topic. In topic 1, students look at the components of chemiosmosis in the bacterium Paracoccus denitrificans in which they step through animations of electron transport, proton gradient, and A

Connecting Concepts: Cell Biology/Thermodynamics

Added 06/17/2009
This site is an excellent introduction to thermodynamics as it applies to living organisms. In topic 1, students make decisions for a paramecium living in a Petri dish that will determine if it will have enough energy to survive and reproduce. Students wi

Carbon Fixation in Photosynthesis

Added 06/17/2009
A large collection of images and descriptions of fungi. An extensive introduction to the kingdom Fungi. Also contains the popular Fungus of the Month.

Photosynthesis Animation

Added 06/17/2009
This is a flash animation of the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis produced by Dr. John Gianini at St. Olaf College. It is part of a set of Biological Animations.


Added 06/17/2009
These learning materials address the dynamic processes of photosynthesis that are found in the chloroplast. They include the light reactions (cyclic and non-cyclic of Photosystems I & II) and the non-light limited reactions of the Calvin Cycle. Structure of the chloroplast is included and the many images and flash movies are provided as downloadable files.

Molecular Biochemistry

Added 06/17/2009
Topics include: Sugars & Polysaccharides, Lipids & Membranes, Bioenergetics, Membrane Transport Channels, Calcium Signals, Signal Transduction, Glycolysis & Fermentation, Glycogen Metabolism, Gluconeogenesis, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transfer Chain, Chemiosmotic Coupling, F1Fo ATPase, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Calvin Cycle, Fatty acid catabolism, Fatty acid synthesis, Eicosanoid synthesis, Cholesterol synthesis, Lipoproteins, Amino acid catabolism, Heme synthesis, tRNA and ribosomes, Protein synthesis, Protein degradation.

Cell Respiration and Bioenergetics

Added 06/17/2009
Learning Modules on the parts of Cellular Respiration. Modules use animations to convey dynamic process of cell respiration.

Cell Biology Animation

Added 06/17/2009
This Website covers cell biology all in animation. Cell structure with descriptions of each part, DNA structure, an animated overview of water chemistry, the light and dark reactions of photosynthesis are all presented in this Website. You are also able to see cells broken apart and explained, molecules in structural form, and the pH scale describing acidic and basic.

Biology Tutorials for Metabolism and Genetics

Added 06/17/2009
Tutorials on energy conversions, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, proteins, DNA, RNA, DNA replication, protein synthesis, and mutation. Complete with illustrations and animations.

Biology Animation

Added 06/17/2009
This Website includes interactive learning with animation, movies, and tutorial links. It is created to help in teaching and the learning of science. Topics include basic chemistry, mitosis, meiosis, photosynthesis, and virology.

Photosynthesis Interactive Animated Tutorial

Added 06/17/2009
Interactive animated tutorial that demonstrates photosynthesis, develops understanding of the organelles and compounds at work, describes the light and dark reactions and photorespiration.

Photosynthesis Problem Set 1 and 2

Added 06/17/2009
These problem sets are part of the University of Arizona Biology Project. They are located in the Biochemistry section. Each problem set gives a multiple choice question; incorrect answers take student to a tutorial. These self-grading problems are a good learning tool.

Photosynthesis: Light Reactions Animation

Added 06/17/2009
This animation of the light reactions is very well done. It not only illustrates the biochemical aspects of the process but also clearly indicates their relationship to leaf anatomy
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