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Mathematics Classics

by Arun Verma
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This is a collection of the Mathematics Classics winners from 2002 to 2011.

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MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

Added 04/21/2011
You probably know who developed the Pythagorean Theorem, but did you know that he was once a priest in Egypt? An in-depth search of this award-winning site will yield interesting and significant information on the history of mathematics. With biographies on mathematicians' lives, quotes, stories about math in cultures from around the world and more, the information at this site will keep you digging for weeks.

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section

Added 04/21/2011
Flower petals? Seashells? Pinecones? Cauliflower? What do these have to do with math? The answer to this question and many more are wonderfully described and illuminated in this award-winning site. Featuring a variety of graphics, animations and applets, the well-presented materials include numerous learning assignments in the style of NCTM and AMATYC standards-based student explorations. This is a rich and impressive resource for both math students and teachers at many levels.


Added 04/21/2011
A mathematician's delight! This interactive column uses Java applets, in the form of a puzzle or a problem simulation. Problems are not stated directly. The applets are intended to be such that the right answer to as yet an unstated problem should be easy to surmise. State your problem, state your answer, try to justify and, perhaps, prove it. In subsequent columns, answers are provided!

Mathematical Visualization Toolkit

Added 04/21/2011
This site consists of a collection of plotting and solving applets featuring a uniform user interface and has value and effectiveness as a set of teaching/learning tools. Visualizing mathematical concepts, especially in three-dimensional space, can be quite difficult for students.

Larry Green's Applet Page

Added 04/21/2011
This site contains links to dozens of applets that deal with topics in Basic Math, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate and College Algebra, Statistics, and other areas. The applets combine accurate, carefully-presented mathematics with immediate feedback (often graphical). Many feature a step-by-step tutorial approach, with feedback on correctness and hints being provided at each step in the guided solution of a problem. Many current college students need remediation and/or help with developmental math, algebra, statistics and calculus; Larry’s applets and related instructional materials address these areas admirably. His experience as a veteran math instructor has guided his choices and his goal is to help students overcome the learning obstacles along their paths through the use of interactivity and immediate feedback.

Graph Theory Lessons

Added 04/21/2011
Software that can draw, edit and manipulate simple graphs, examine properties of the graphs, and demonstrate them using computer animation. It can display information about a graph like the number of vertices and their degrees, the adjacency matrix, the number of components, and articulation points. It can find complements of graphs, line graphs, find the chromatic number of a graph, check if a graph is bipartite, and check if two graphs are isomorphic or if one graph is a sub graph of another and find the dual graph of a planar graph in many cases. It also demonstrates Euler and Hamilton circuits, searches, and algorithms for finding minimum spanning trees. This project is targeted at undergraduate beginning classes in Graph Theory.. It is assumed that the students have some measure of mathematical sophistication; for instance that they are able to write an induction proof etc. The subject matter addressed are topics typically found in undergraduate graph theory and discrete structures classes. These topics are central to graph theory and essential to further learning in the area.

Demos with Positive Impact

Added 04/21/2011
Demos with Positive Impact is a collection of quick classroom demos that enhance the learning of mathematics content through animations, experiments etc. Each demo comes with stated objective, prerequisites, instructor notes and platform info, plus the level of the demo and credits. This setup appears conducive to quick inclusion into a class.

Flash Mathlets

Added 04/21/2011
These applets allow students to explore and investigate various topics in college math with an emphasis on Calculus topics that involve graphing and plotting. The activities include parametric curves and surfaces that can be defined in the main coordinate systems: rectangular, polar, cylindrical and spherical. The authors also provide tutorials for developers who would like to create their own applets.

Algebra2go: An Online Supplemental Instruction Tool Array

Added 04/21/2011
This site visually presents lectures on pre-algebra and algebra, usually between 10 and 20 minutes in length. In each movie, a teacher is interacting with a student as the lesson is presented and discussed. The format of the lecture is a cross between a reality show and a sit-com and is engaging, with humor and drama.

Exploring Multivariable Calculus

Added 04/21/2011
This site contains a Java based tool for creating graphs including surfaces, vector fields, implicit surfaces, surfaces in the spherical and cylindrical coordinate system, and space curves.
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