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Personal Collection Detail View

Gardner-Funes Biology 1

by Brian Murfin
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My first personal collection- To be handed in to Prof. Murfin for SEYS 362.


SEYS 362

Authorized users only:


DNA from the Beginning

Added 12/20/2011

This website provides vital information involving genetics. It has three main topics including classical genetics, molecules of genetics, and genetic organization and control. Within these three topics there are 41 subtopics including children resembling their parents, various laws, chromosome function and location, mutations, DNA, and many many more. This website would be useful to use in the classroom for a number of reasons. Not only does it thoroughly describe each topic it provides both a gallery and animation of all 41 subtopics. Children who may not understand my lecture or the text can use this website as a reinforcer. It both explains in words and shows animated pictures of each of the subtopics. Showing pieces of these animations in class would both motivate students and help those who are not fully understanding to better understand.


Nutritional Resources

Added 12/20/2011

The Nutritional Resources webpage is filled with numerous instructional videos. The instuctional videos have a voice that speaks very slows and clearly along with words of the main points he is saying. I believe strongly in providing material across all learning mediums. Those students who prefer to listen and copy may do so with this video and those who prefer to read and copy may also do so. I would use these videos in conjunction with my lesson, again to reinforce what I have taught. Animated videos almost always catch students attention thus increasing focus and retention. I specifically enjoyed the videos on digestion and would use the one explaining peristalsis in my class during my digestive system lesson. It not only shows peristalsis, but segmentation as well, allowing students to see the similarities and differences between the two.


Untamed Science

Added 12/20/2011

In order to incorporate the untamed science website into one of my science lessons I would allow students to explore the site as an introduction to the muscular system. The website provides an excellent overview of the muscular system as a whole. It begins by relating to the students and what they eat, thus capturing their attention. Also, it provides the differences between smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscle. The images and diagrams provided will certainly help students after reading the summaries regarding each topic of the muscular system. Being that I love videos and strongly admire showing them to students, the muscle contraction video on the website will be helpful. I would seperate students into groups of four to review the website for the first fifteen minutes of the period. The remainder of the period I would spend reviewing the websites materials in order to reinforce the main points and have an idea of how much students were able to grasp on their own.


Skeletal System

Added 12/20/2011

This skeletal system website is phenomenal. It allows students to view a skeleton as a whole and then click more specifically on certain areas of the skeleton. For example, if the student clicks on the femur the site then zooms in on the femur and further allows students to click on various parts of the femur. As students click on each part a summary of that part appears on the screen as well. This allows students to not only identify the location of various bones, but also to grasp an understanding about that bone and its function. It would be wonderful to have enough time in a class period to allow kids to explore the website, however probably unlikely. Instead I would assign children to explore the site for homework, giving them various bones that I want them to see and providing questions that can be answered via the website.


The Biology Project: Human Biology

Added 12/20/2011

This website provides problems with multiple choice answers that students may answer. If a student is having trouble remembering the answer there are tutorials which give writen explanations about the topic of the problem. There are many topics about DNA and reproduction. I would use this site for its human reproduction section in which it has 12 sub-sections. Some of those sub-sections include ovaries, anatomy of penis, female reproductive system, ect. Upon selecting one of the sub-topics students are provided with the multiple choice question. This would be an excellent way to spend the last ten minutes of a class period. I would put students in groups of two to work on this together in order to allow them to exchange ideas in order to answer questions. If the two students collectively could not come up with the correct answer, the tutorial is provided on the website for extra explanation.


Body Systems Animations

Added 12/20/2011

This site provides slides and visuals for various body systems. It allows students to watch progression in development of the lungs under the respiratory system tab. Not only are there descriptive slides containing words there are slides that show development over different weeks. Students will be able to grasp the developmental progression of the lung and bronchi too. It also shows development of the heart under the cardiovascular tab. I would incorporate these slides into my lecture in order to visually stimulate students understanding.

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