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by Brian Murfin
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Websites that could be used to help teach various topics in a chemistry/middle school science course. 

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Brain Pop

Added 11/29/2012

This website is great! It not only provides informational videos, but it also has fun science related interactive games. I would use this website as a motivational factor when teaching a chemistry lesson. For example there are videos on the periodic table, I could either use that before the lesson to engage the students and have them take notes on what they are watching and then discuss it as a class. I could also let the students watch the videos after I have already taught the lesson to clarify any of the concepts. This website could also be used as motivation for any student that has finished early; they can be permitted to play a science related game on the topic we have learned.


Virtual Chemistry Laboratory

Added 11/29/2012

This website was so interesting to me! I was so excited to find this because I never knew anything like this even existed! This website is basically, as it states a virtual chemistry lab. It could be used it any type of chemistry classroom, and could be especially useful to a teacher with a small budget or limited resources. This also benefits the students tremendously because their curiosity could be satisfied as they mix various chemicals on their screen and watch the reactions occur. It is also very useful because there is no chance that the students can get hurt using this simulation, but in an actual lab certain chemicals can be dangerous. Through this website the students have access to chemicals that they would normally not have access to in the classroom. I would not use this for every lab, just the dangerous ones. It could also be used to show the students the different instruments such as a Bunsen burner or a scale, and different glassware such as different types of beakers. 


Ideal Gas Law Simulation

Added 11/29/2012

This simulation could come in handy when teaching students about the ideal gas law (PV=nRT). Certain topics can seem uninteresting or confusing to students, but when you have a simulation handy it can help to clarify the topic and clear up the misconceptions. I would show this to my students when teaching this topic on the ideal gas law. It would also be beneficial for the students to play around with this simulation and make connections between pressure, volume, and temperature and how they are related to each other in the equation. For example they could see that when the temperature and the volume are constant, then the pressure of the gas is directly proportional to the number of molecules of the gas present. So this website could not only serve as a teachers simulation, but a cooperative learning activity can be designed to benefit the students.


Periodic Table LIVE!

Added 11/29/2012

I think that this website would be perfect to incorporate in a lesson on the periodic table. I like how the periodic table is color coordinated and the students can easily see what elements are metals, nonmetals, metalloids, and transition metals. I think that it would be fun to make a project including this website as a possible resource for the students. For example the project can be called adopt and element, and the students would be assigned different elements and have to describe the element, and where it is used and found, and make it interesting and fun so someone would want to adopt that element. Besides using this to help teach a lesson, and give a project, this too can be used as motivation for students when they finish an assignment early they can go on this site and explore any element they want!  


Chemistry Study Cards

Added 11/29/2012

This website can be very useful for students when preparing for a test or for the regents exam. Sometimes particular students can be too lazy to make their own index cards, so this website can make it easy for them to print out premade index cards with little hassle. It is also good for students who are unsure what information to include on their own index cards. Basically this website is a great study aid. A fun thing to do with this before a test would be to divide the students into groups and print out the index cards for them, and instead of pre-gluing the cards for them make the students play a matching game to see what definition goes with what topic. This could serve both as a useful review and a fun educational classroom competition.  

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