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International Business & trade

by Rick da Costa
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Ad-busters on Globalization

Added 07/28/2006
Social Responsibility - AdBusters is an organization that represents an anti-multinational corporation point of view. They coordinate a number of different campaigns that struggle against global corporate domination. This site offers some very interesting

Austrade Online Overseas Markets

Added 07/28/2006
Site maintained by the Australian Trade Commission with the goal of assisting Australian Exporters with their export activities.

Global Corruption Report

Added 07/28/2006
annual report from Transparency International can be downloaded, or one can download portions of it. The report provides an overview of the state of corruption around the globe

Business "Urban Legends"

Added 07/28/2006
This site refutes some of the common "urban legends" that are discussed in International classes. For example, many Marketing texts discuss the naming of the Chevrolet Nova, which sold poorly in Spanish-speaking countries because its name translates as "d

Initiatives on Bribery and Corruption

Added 07/28/2006
This site identifies several national and international initiatives that concern bribery and corruption. These are good explanations of policies.

Web Resources for International Trade

Added 07/28/2006
Federation of International Trade Associates approved site to provide an comprehensive searchable database of International Trade Web Resources. The resources contained in the database can be browsed according to subject category, or accessed via a site s

Fairness in International Trade

Added 07/28/2006
This site involves an exploration of some of the issues regarding free trade and protectionism. Topics include: Fairness Defined, Seven Fairness Principles, Distributional Fairness, Non-Discrimination Fairness, Golden-Rule Fairness, Positive Reciprocity,

Global Trade Watch

Added 07/28/2006
Global Trade Watch was created in 1995 to promote government and corporate accountability in the globalization and trade arena. GTW promotes a public interest perspective on an array of globalization issues, including implications for health and safety, e

Business Netiquette International

Added 07/28/2006
These are general guidelines for courtesy in using email communications. Special emphasis is on the global use of email.

International Forms for Exports

Added 07/28/2006
input the country to which the product is being exported as well as the country which is exporting. Recommended documents are displayed as well as sample copies in most instances. These copies would be useful in class.

Exporter Essentials

Added 07/28/2006
Trade New Zealand, a government agency that facilitates trade and international investments between New Zealand and the rest of the economies of the world, this site includes intelligence on key export sectors in specific markets -overviews, trends and op

The "Depth" and "Breadth" of Multicultural

Added 07/28/2006
This is a lesson plan to to engage students in a process of defining "culture" and examining its complexity. The goal of the lesson is to demonstrate that multiculturalism is more than just race or ethnicity. The lesson can be adapted to a variety of audi

Monochronic/Polychronic Self Test

Added 07/28/2006
This is a self test that can be downloaded (it is not interactive). It helps individuals understand their personal cultural preferences, with respect to both work style and management style. It could also serve as an indicator of how the individual might

Business Etiquette and Culture

Added 07/28/2006
This site has links to articles regarding cultural issues in a number of different countries. Topics include negotiating, gift giving, entertainment, business dress, public conduct, etc. In some cases the link is to an article and in others to executive i

Intercultural Communication

Added 07/28/2006
Want a dose of Chinese culture in request, time concept, and numbers? Check out this site, which provides explanation of intercultural differences with cartoon illustrations.

The Trade Balance and the Exchange Rate

Added 07/28/2006
The objective of this simulation is to investigate how the exchange rate will influence the trade balance (exports minus imports) on the Balance of Payments. The input variables include the price elasticity of demand for imports and exports, the original

Business Ethics Cases

Added 07/28/2006
Institute for Global Ethics has several links to cases that concern Business Ethics. Each short case has an analysis and resolution.

Advice from Texas Instruments' Ethics Office

Added 07/28/2006
ETHICVS & CORP RESP _ good example; views from Texas Instruments concerning ethical responsibilities, rights and of both the company and workers. Privacy and intellectual property rights are also covered. This would make an excellent class example of how

An Ethics Toolkit for Managers

Added 07/28/2006
tutorial on Business Ethics provided by the Free Management Library. The tutorial covers a number of different topics on ethics, provides some real life examples and also provides some exercise sheets for evaluating ethical scenarios.

Survey of Ethical Theoretic Aptitudes

Added 07/28/2006
Copr Social Resp - First Classs evaluation of type.
15 question quiz on ethics that has been used for many years in many settings, both in the academic world and in the private and public sectors. It's purpose is to ascertain an individual's inclination

Using Roles as Determinant Variables in Business Ethics.

Added 07/28/2006
Ethics - this discussion rapidly expand into several nights, but we all got so many insights into our first adventure in self determined ethics that we decided to just go with it and let it run it's course. As a professor I have rarely seen a class so li

Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin

Added 07/28/2006
These are a series of 20 mini-cases that concern ethical dilemmas in business. The game was designed to educate the employees of Lockheed Martin (and other high tech corporations that have adopted the game) about ethical norms, corporate support for copin

Corporate Codes of Ethics

Added 07/28/2006
A MUST USE SITE for International social responsibility - site has links to a number of different companies' codes of ethics as well as several organizations. These examples could be used in an ethics class to demonstrate how some organizations approach

Short Cases for International Marketing

Added 07/28/2006
6 minin marketing cases for international companies

Foreign Currencies and Foreign Exchange

Added 07/28/2006
Simulation, how FX rates are dynamically influenced. students learn the many factors that can influence either the supply of, or the demand for, a given currency and how this will affect the international exchange rate of the currency. Instructions are pr

Global Sullivan Principles

Added 07/28/2006
Developed by the Rev. Leon Sullivan, the Global Sullivan Principles of Corporation Social Responsibility seek to establish a set of standards for businesses that encourage adherence to basic principles that support human rights, dignity, peace, and justic

International Exchange Rates: Imports vs. Exports

Added 07/28/2006
Formulas to calculate exchange rates and to determine the impact of prices of exports and imports.

Proverbs: Windows Into Other Cultures

Added 07/28/2006
proverbs from the U.S. and then also proverbs from other countries. The proverbs involve cultural concepts such as time, modesty, diplomacy, group identity, power, fate, and risk taking.

International Facts

Added 07/28/2006
Variety of facts about culture that can be used in any international business class.

The Path to a Global Economy

Added 07/28/2006
tutorial was designed by students to educate users on the impact of globalization. General topics include Capitalism & Economics, Globalization Overview, The Effects on Developed Countries, The Effects on Developing Countries.


Added 07/28/2006
CULTURAL STEREOTYPES - great site for classroom discussion. The European Commission's Press Office in London monitors the British press's "highly distorted coverage" of the European Union. Euromyths are stories based on hearsay, rumours and half-truths, m

Getting Through Customs

Added 07/28/2006
This site offers a number of different types of information and guidelines including tips for toasting in a variety of different countries, suggestions for business dress, gift giving, greetings, among other guideline and information.

How Can Big Business Make Money From Tariffs?

Added 07/28/2006
This is a set of lesson plans for international trade discussions. Students investigate the impact of tariffs on businesses and consumers during the 1880s by looking at a political cartoon, solving a short math problem, and comparing protectionism in the

NAFTA: Are Jobs Being Sucked Out of the United States?

Added 07/28/2006
NAFTA - This lesson plan examines concepts of absolute and comparative advantage and presents arguments for and against free trade. Students also review the data concerning the effects of NAFTA on employment in the United States.

One World

Added 07/28/2006
CONTRARY VIEW - website has a number of articles concerning sustainability and human rights. Although there is a somewhat negative focus on the corporation, there is information and also articles on a variety of topics including, IMF, population, economic
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