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This exercise is intended to provide the basic framework required to market and actively participate in community... see more

Descreve o conceito de marketing see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

develop an understanding of marketing techniques see more

An exercise to introduce students to marketing ideas. To help to better understand why advertising is important. see more

SME Business Services Ltd. India is assisting the industry all over India, small & medium enterprises. These... see more

After reading the material in each chapter, you can respond to multiple choices quizes and send the responses to me.... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is an assignment for a class on Information Technology that could be adapted to other classes. The author provides... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

The collection of advertising slogans, jingles, and catchphrases can be used as a basis for recall-style quizzes.... see more

Use the Retail Alphabet Game as a fun Ice Breaker at the beginning of the course. It gets students interacting with each... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Online simulation including a guide, links to relevant background information available online, self-assessment questions... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is an online assignment that can be used with the virtual factory. Course: International Marketing see more

This tool enables students to attempt their own routing plans for a given sales territory on a map. The student prints... see more

This is an assignment for a 30 minute presentation during which each student team is expected to: (1) Reflect about their... see more

This is assignment guides students through the development of a preliminary marketing plan in the context of the BRANDS?... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is an on-line assignment that can be used in conjunction with the Virtual Factory site. Course: Introduction to... see more

This assignment describes how to add a free service that collects and analyzes data on visitor traffic to a web site.... see more

Students access the United Nations' Human Development Index and determine the quality of life of selected countries.... see more

The assignment teaches how to apply simple forecasting techniques: naive forecast, moving average, and exponential... see more

This assignment requires that the student access information from the Census of Manufacturers. Because the students are... see more

Comparison of two corporate websites for determining product classifications and marketing philosophy differences.... see more