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teach 4 skills Course: all skills see more

A simple on-line survey that consists of 34 questions that assesses one's interpersonal communication skills. Course:... see more

Inexperienced and experienced online students can benefit from learning about online courtesy. Establishing good online... see more

This assignment allows students to practice using email. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

A personality inventory was completed online by each student to determine their personality and communication styles. the... see more

This assignment allows students to determine their selling style and then to development guidelines for adapting that... see more

With more students taking advantage of distance education offerings, it is imperative that both experienced and... see more

Conflict Styles Discussion see more

This lab examines the difference between a statement and a question, and the intensity, duration and frequency changes... see more

Topics covered in this lab include fricative turbulence, plosives, burst range, nasals, liquids and glides. Course:... see more

This is an online book that can help you to read and see diagrams. see more

In this lab, students record vowels and diphthongs, measure Fundamental Frequency, identify F1 and F2 and explain how... see more

Lots can be done with Stringwave, but I have limited the concepts to be demonstrated to two as part of a larger lab. see more

The creation of a website which includes pages describing ancestral stories or collections of one's heritage presented in... see more

Over 100,000 books are published yearly, and that's just in the United States. It is amazing how much digital information... see more

This activityaddresses several aspects of censorship for learners to explore and compare. see more

Information contained in the FAQ can be used to solve editing problems. The Chicago Manual represents a credible... see more

Students generate research questions, and locate documents on subscription online database aggregators, and compare... see more

This can be an in-class exercise. see more

This activity explains the appropriate use of technology during a research project, and guides learning in technology... see more

This learning activity helps students analyze infographics, and apply their findings to generate their own infographic. see more

This assignment utilizes the Keirsey Temperament Sorter in helping students to identify their communication styles. The... see more

Twitter is a great communication and learning tool. Students can follow the news, educational institutions, scientists,... see more