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This study guide is full of great questions and discussion topics to supplement the viewing of this award-winning film. see more

Read Course: nur see more

This assignment instructs the user how to use the Cool Text site to convert some text--perhaps their name--into a logo... see more

This assignment assesses critical thinking skills. Course: Student Success see more

From the ‘Making the Creative Process Visible’ films emerged the potential of narrative pedagogy and practices in the... see more

Students will create a flow chart for simplifying radical expressions. Course: Introductory Algebra see more

En este tutorial Mika Piccione explica la forma en que la que se puede lograr un efecto de Zombie sobre la foto de una... see more

This assignment will help you on a basic level understand how to put steps together to make a dance work. You are to read... see more

This website is the perfect ingredient for a good bag-of-tricks. Below are just a few possible questions that could... see more

Students will begin by accessing the Interent website, then clicking the link for Warm and Cool Colors under the... see more

Students will begin with 20 minutes to view the website and learn about complementary colors. Then each student will be... see more

Children will explore this webstie to learn about primary and secondary colors. After this activity, the students will... see more

Students will begin by accessing the Internet website. They will then click the link relating to Visual Elements and... see more

Students will begin by accessing the Internet website. They will then click the link relating to Visual Elements and... see more

African Musica and Dance offers insightful information about the culture and music of the Ewe people of Ghana, Togo, and... see more

This activity leads the students to be able to identify the difference between geometric and organic shapes. Course: Art... see more

This will show you the difference between warm and cool colors. You will make pictures showing the difference between the... see more

These activities and discussion topics enhance the use of the website for instructional purposes. see more

Capacidad para entender y analizar las notas. see more

Students will use some of the basic techniques that Op artists used to create their own optical illusion drawings.... see more

Using the Voice Recipe as a model, first record your own voice in active conversation. Isolate the descriptions that best... see more

An extra-point project concurrant with the Final Exam Course: POLS 462 Early Political Philosophy see more

being able to tell the diffrence between Primary and secondary colors see more

The students will learn about the tints and shades of an object. The will learn that lightening an object by adding more... see more