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The learning exercise is designed to help students apply basic concepts in financial accounting to their personal... see more

This asignment explores how data flows on the Internet. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

Students will answer questions about the T-account of each account given. They will need to decipher if the account has a... see more

cashflow statement see more

cashflow statement see more

This simple exercise allows students who have been exposed to financial terms to gain a deeper understanding by applying... see more

This project is required after the students have studied the chapters on financial statements and financial analysis. It... see more

This is an online assignment that can be used with the virtual factory. Course: International Marketing see more

This assignment can be used to introduce business students to the methodology of case analysis. It also demonstrates that... see more

This is an on-line assignment that can be used in conjunction with the Virtual Factory site. Course: Introduction to... see more

The assignment is to introduce students to the purpose and members of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) via... see more