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To memorize the formulas, equations and definitions. see more

This tutorial establishes criteria for evaluating websites and provides examples for each criterion. Course: Courses that... see more

This is a lesson that has students observing weather, collecting data, sending data to NASA, and then completing... see more


Lab exercise see more

teaching methodology Course: teaching methdology see more

Despues de leer el material de de Escribà el Concepto de OBJETIVO DE APRENDIZAJE con SUS Propias Palabras. see more

This activity assumes a degree of computer literacy and is to be used as an icebreaker activity for students involved in... see more

Students will view a video of an eruption at Mt. Kiluea, which is located in Hawaii that occurred on July 5th to July... see more

Solid online and interactive math practice website. Course: 6th Grade Multiple/Adult ESL see more

Inactive Learning Exercise


write essay on ID in elearning. Course: ID see more

I use this in my adult ESL Level 4 course to teach history and expository or informational 5-paragraph essays. Course:... see more

https://baylor.app.box.com/fil see more

Realizar una comparativa entre los CMS propuestos donde se reflejen las siguientes variables: web, versión estable... see more

Using the Interview Skills Checklist, this systematic instruction plan is designed to work with individual or small... see more

It is a lisening comprehension class for beginners Course: bigenner Arabic see more

Trach care should be performed using strict sterile technique. The nurse should perform this procedure with knowledge to... see more

all the class works and assignments or documents goes in this area. see more

This mini lesson will assist students in organizing their own writing. It will show them each step of the writing... see more

Find out the area of contamination. Course: IT 4600 see more

Students will view a video of the Monarch Butterfly’s life cycle. This video demonstrates the Monarch Butterfly’s life... see more

This assignment provides a step-by-step description of how to create a web page that has current headline news items that... see more