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drag and drop see more

This learning exercise would be the final step in creating a final project for ANY discipline. First steps may have... see more


Learning about a vet see more

Activities in this course help the students to understand Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash in Multimedia see more

Dynamics of a food chain see more

•Design a series circuit and a parallel circuit see more

Inactive Learning Exercise
Inactive Learning Exercise

Locate Epicenter and determine intensity of an earthquake see more

Students provide answers on a seperate sheet with regard to Environmental Education and rhino poaching, and then design a... see more

how to calculate simple IV rates see more

Students provide answers on a worksheet with regard to whether a scenario is an adaptation or an acclimation. see more

Complete practice activities after reviewing videos and problem sets. see more

Debemos contestar a las preguntas planteadas a partir de la lectura recomendada see more

Using this Applet, you will do a virtual titration to determine the molarity of an acid.  Follow the directions and take... see more


Overview of DNA see more

Quick assessment of palliative care for primary care providers and oncologists within the organization. This well help... see more

Students will conduct a virtual acid-base titration lab and perform the appropriate calculations to determine the amount... see more


MIS    see more

Todo referente a la mobile learning see more