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This lab contains an introduction to Mendelian genetics and contains an activity that can be done with middle school and... see more

The Students will be able to apply the material learned in genetics to a true event. The students will learn that... see more

Students will get familiar making observations and using the scientific method during future laboratory work. Course:... see more

In this activity students extract DNA from bananas. They will see that DNA is a component of living things and that DNA... see more

An assignment to help your students understand how light travels using a slinky. see more

Students will practice mixing colors using food coloring and frosting. Aimed for use of discussion of wavelengths and how... see more

During this activity students investigate the concepts of osmosis and diffusion using Elodea cells. Course: Biology/ Life... see more

Students will make an edible, 3-D model of an animal or plant cell. The various organelles of the cell are represented by... see more

Students will observe how different objects may contain microbes. They will observe multiplication of microbes. see more