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Students will be exposed to a lecture on the human skeletal system, using a human skeleton. Covers the parts of the... see more

This includes and brief lecture on levers and its three classes, and a paper lever lab. Teacher will bring in real world... see more

A lecture on the organization of the body. Students wil learn that cells are the smallest building blocks of life. Cells... see more

A lecture on the male and female reproductive systems with the use of a website with colorful graphics. Course: 7th grade... see more

A lecture on the development of the fetus, premature babies, the importance of the placenta and umbilical cord, and... see more

Student will be exposed to a lecture/demonstration on the muscle system. They will learn the differences between... see more

Students will again learn about levers with human examples. Students will also watch a video on the Skeletal System... see more

This is an internet based project. Students will work in pairs and conduct an internet search on hip or knee replacement... see more

A brief lecture covering muscle tears, tendonitis, and the adngers of anabolic steroid use. Course: 7th grade Life... see more

Students (7th grade) will create a 2' x 2' visual representation of the six stages of mitosis; using "wickie sticks" of... see more