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In this activity students examine karyotypes from five individuals to try to identify which chromosomes determine gender... see more

Research and Presentation Course: Biology see more

The process you can use to extract DNA from any living object. Course: Biology see more

Students will work in groups to examine their own bodies for the presence of Mendelian traits. They will Classify... see more

This hands-on activity requires very little preparation or materials but provides a clear and meaningful way to... see more

Use the assigned MERLOT web sites as a resource to help each student begin to develop an understanding of the concept of... see more

A lecture on the organization of the body. Students wil learn that cells are the smallest building blocks of life. Cells... see more

A lecture on the male and female reproductive systems with the use of a website with colorful graphics. Course: 7th grade... see more

A lecture on the development of the fetus, premature babies, the importance of the placenta and umbilical cord, and... see more

Students will get familiar making observations and using the scientific method during future laboratory work. Course:... see more

In this activity students extract DNA from bananas. They will see that DNA is a component of living things and that DNA... see more

Student will be exposed to a lecture/demonstration on the muscle system. They will learn the differences between... see more

Fun tutorials to help students learn the names and functions of cell organelles see more

Great site for literacy assignments and class discussions. Topics are oraganized in the following areas agriculture,... see more

This site allows teacher and students to set the parameters of a pred/prey relationship and then run a simulation. At any... see more

This is a great animation from McGraw-Hill to show the process of mitosis and cytokinesis. This animation can be... see more

This is a site that lists simple instructions for a lab on DNA extraction using living fruits or vegetables and simple... see more

In this activity students examine karyotypes from five individuals to try to identify which chromosomes determine gender... see more

Students will again learn about levers with human examples. Students will also watch a video on the Skeletal System... see more

This is an internet based project. Students will work in pairs and conduct an internet search on hip or knee replacement... see more

During this activity students investigate the concepts of osmosis and diffusion using Elodea cells. Course: Biology/ Life... see more

A brief lecture covering muscle tears, tendonitis, and the adngers of anabolic steroid use. Course: 7th grade Life... see more

Students (7th grade) will create a 2' x 2' visual representation of the six stages of mitosis; using "wickie sticks" of... see more