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Создание органических молекул see more

Redox titration of oxalic acid with KMnO4 see more

Explaining students various experiments using applets and simulators see more

Chem105 Vitural Demonstrations see more

What is ideal gas law see more

The assignment is to create a Power Point presentation exploring an element from the Periodic Table. Course: Physical... see more

The student is to go to the workshop site, open a new workbench (File>select New WorkBench (Cntl-N). Then select... see more

In this Pre-lab you will design and conduct the following acid base titration: 1) Hydrochloric acid, HCl (strong acid),... see more

This webpage uses screen capture movies of particle simulations to made comparisons and guide students through a series... see more

Using Discussion Groups to Self-Teach the Ideal Gas Law Course: General Chemistry see more

This worksheet is designed for students to use to guide them through the simulator and have them answer questions on... see more