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Real kid friendly site that works well with the water cycle. see more

Real kid friendly site that works well with the water cycle. see more

Real kid friendly site that works well with the water cycle. see more

Students apply reading strategies to get the most from reading the article, "Fishing For Fun Takes Its Toll." see more

Students follow the steps of the scientific method to investigate water usage. There is an important collaborative... see more

Terrific site that shows the graph that will result from a variety of parameters that you input for weight, speed,... see more

Lots of great links, vocabulary and projects about magnets see more

Great visual depiction of all the elements with thumbnail encyclopedic info (name, date and place of discovery). see more

Contains lesson, demonstration and project for demonstrating an understanding of the scientific method. see more

Two practice work sheets for converting English and metric units. Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge in... see more

Great interactive site for students to navigate on their own or with direction exploring the various places water can be... see more

Students will become familiar with food labels and be able to understand what the food labels are saying regarding... see more

Students will practice mixing colors using food coloring and frosting. Aimed for use of discussion of wavelengths and how... see more

This lesson will introduce the Electromagnetic Spectrum and all the types of radiation that make up the spectrum. It will... see more

Students will use the site to view an animation on why the moon has different phases. They will use this knowledge to... see more

The pre-activity questions and assignment instructions. see more

The 7 minute instruction video must be viewed using headphones by each student. They must then complete the simulation... see more

An activity to further understand mass vs weight using the student's comparitive mass and weight on other planets as well... see more

This site offers introductory principles of weather forecasting and prediction. Course: Earth Science: Meteorology see more

This activity sheet accompanies the short podcast found on the educational materials website. Students can stop the... see more