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Undergraduate and graduate students will have experience: 1) using the Internet for research, and 2) reading and analysis... see more

Please attend the Yoga Quiz Course: YOGA see more

Esta material pertenece al área mayor obligatoria del plan de estudios de la licenciatura en Recursos Humanos. Atiende a... see more

This assignmnet explores the power of presidential debates on elections. Course: American Government see more

El lenguaje y la comunicación son dos herramientas que permiten influir (crear significados) en las mentes de otras... see more

This site allows students to read about the five methods of doing social psychology research, provides interesting... see more

This site offers visitors personal account of the Holocaust through survivor storires and photo and audio galleries. The... see more

Law Enforcement Agencies have many specialized units, one of which is crime scene investigator. Here is a fun activity to... see more

Using this theory and case study as a guide students review in advance, provide students with a lifespan timeline sheet.... see more

A Brief Prison Tour. see more

The students will discusss the ways a jail population can be made less violent and more respectful. The students will... see more

For this application, students are to visit web sites related to the topic of children and violence and write an essay... see more

An activity that asks students to take an online test assessing their level of bias toward African Americans and to... see more

The Maya developed a very sophisticated study of astronomy, which enabled them to create a very accurate calendar and... see more

An assignment to help students assess and reflect on their impact on the planet. Course: Soc 200, Soc 202, Soc 268 see more

In this assignment students explore the power of judicial review. Course: American Government see more

This assignment explores the democratic principles of Woodrow Wilson. Course: American Government see more

This assignment explores the development of the United States Constitution. Course: American Government see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

General view about marxism theory see more

This assignment explores the history of US Presidential elections. Course: American Government see more

This game simulation walks a student through the theories surrounding the Nobel award winning theories involved with... see more

Students will match the appropriate mental health treatment for each patient/client's provided history and presenting... see more

This is an assignment that uses the results from the personality assessment to group students in the classroom by the... see more