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Law Enforcement Agencies have many specialized units, one of which is crime scene investigator. Here is a fun activity to... see more


Overview of DNA see more

One Course – Six assignments  Three Social Media Tools    Seven Games see more

 The students will discusss the ways a jail population can be made less violent and more respectful.  The students will... see more

Do censorship practices differ by subject or format? Students analyze readings as a basis for their stances. see more

Experience learning processes as they happen. Develop metacognitive knowledge. see more

A Brief Prison Tour. see more

Un breve questionario di autovalutazione sul tutorial "Creare un sondaggio on line con Google Doc" see more

Using this theory and case study as a guide students review in advance, provide students with a lifespan timeline sheet.... see more

Please attend the Yoga Quiz Course: YOGA see more

Students will work in a computer lab in class. They will play for half an hour with the simulation individually. After... see more

El docente pono un tema en particular y los alumnos deben descubrir por si solos de que se trata el tema propuesto por el... see more

Answer the questions given in the exercise. each question consists of 2 marks, -ve marks will be given for each wrong... see more

This is an assignment that uses the results from the personality assessment to group students in the classroom by the... see more

This podcast has a great message that informs managers to think about ways to flourish in their respective businesses. I... see more

View the section on how the brain works and post to the forum. Did anything surprise you? Is knowing this information... see more

Students will match the appropriate mental health treatment for each patient/client's provided history and presenting... see more

Oscar Wilde was one of Great Britain's most famous playrights. However, his career and family life was destroyed by his... see more

The victorious Allies in Europe determined that the leaders of the Nazi German state should face an international... see more

This assignment explores US territorial expansion from 1801 to 1861 and its affects on relations with Native Americans... see more

Students will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution. Course: US... see more

This assignment explores the causes of the American Revolution and the impact of the Revolution on politics, the economy,... see more

Students will explore the function of the sensory organs and the central and peripheral nervous systems. Course:... see more

In this assignment students explore the power of judicial review. Course: American Government see more