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The Teacher's Guide to Diversity: Building a Knowledge Base see more

We are quickly approaching Breakfast Week!  Breakfast week will introduce you to the many ways of preparing Eggs,... see more

The need for public health professionals has never been greater. But what is "Public Health" anyway? This interactive... see more

Students examine financial issues that arise from independent living. see more

DietKart.com is India's leading online shopping portal, where people can buy healthcare products, such as diabetes... see more

Allow students to prepare for classroom instruction by providing Prerequisite lessons they are able to study on their own... see more

Un breve questionario di autovalutazione sul tutorial "Creare un sondaggio on line con Google Doc" see more

Descriptions of how to properly take a blood pressure. Definitions and pictures. Practice with module, and test at the... see more

El docente pono un tema en particular y los alumnos deben descubrir por si solos de que se trata el tema propuesto por el... see more

This assignment explores the services of federal, state, and local governments. Course: American Government see more

This assignment analyzes the different sizes of microbes. Course: Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors see more

answer the following questions. Course: science see more

This is an example on how this blood pressure simulation can be used in a class. Course: Fundamentals of Nursing see more

Please complete a forearm, wrist, and hand e-sim and print out your score sheet. see more

Assignments based from Principles of Fire Behavior by James G. Quintiere - Chapter 10 Course: Principles of Combustion see more

Assignments based from Principles of Fire Behavior by James G. Quintiere - Chapter 1. Course: Principles of Combustion see more

URL is a Word File giving a vocabulary and Report Assignment as shown here. see more

This is use of simple public Domain software, FPEtools, to calculate egress times see more