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While developing his theory of evolution by natural selection, Darwin was unaware of the molecular basis for evolutionary... see more

This is a follow-up assignment for students who have already used the FlyLab to look at mono-hybris crosses. In this... see more

A grading rubric for FlyLab assignment #2. see more

An introductory assignment that takes students step by step through the Flylab and then has them investigate some simple... see more

The second part of FlyLab Assignment 1. This finishes the instructions on how to do crosses using the FlyLab and how to... see more

This is a sample write up for the first problem in FlyLab assignment 1. Course: Genetics see more

This is a scoring rubric for FlyLab Assignment 1 giving the characteristics expected in the write-ups for this assignment... see more

This rubric describes the grading criteria for trihybrid mapping problems. Course: Genetics see more

Trihybrid crosses and mapping of numerous genes. Course: Genetics see more

A grading rubric for a large mapping prblem involving several genes Course: Genetics see more