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Activities in this exercise are designed to help the user develop/refresh skillsets for more engaged online learning.... see more

Write(Drag and Drop) the correct words in the boxes below the picture. see more

Click the photos and drag them to the boxes to show the correct order of events. see more

Students will identify which customary unit of measure would be best to measure familiar objects. see more

Connect observational notes with Terminology from DRDP IT assessment tool. see more

Chem105 Vitural Demonstrations see more

Students will investigate and curate 5 different resources that demonstrate or model the power of visual literacy in... see more

Look up a Russia idiom from this book. Think about a similar American idiom. What stands out? see more

Each pair of students will trace 1 single recyclable product, from manufacturer to recycling center, examining costs of... see more

Learning to match words and images. see more

The student will match words and pictures. see more

For creating my in service teaching plan at work see more

In this exercise you are going to practise correct citing of different sources using APA referencing style. The quiz... see more

Students will develop team and learn team dynamics needed for successful completion of Community Health survey and... see more

provides students and faculty members with access to the information resources and services they need to fulfill their... see more

drag and drop see more