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Complete practice activities after reviewing videos and problem sets. see more

Using this Applet, you will do a virtual titration to determine the molarity of an acid. Follow the directions and take... see more

Students will conduct a virtual acid-base titration lab and perform the appropriate calculations to determine the amount... see more

test Course: test see more

Students are assigned a given element to conduct research on and complete the project w/ a presentation and a poster for... see more

I use this after going over the Atoms family power point that can be found on the same page.Students determine the number... see more

This module focuses on the generation of a standard curve based on the activity of an enzyme. A plasma cholesterol assay... see more

View the section on how the brain works and post to the forum. Did anything surprise you? Is knowing this information... see more

The assignment is to create a Power Point presentation exploring an element from the Periodic Table. Course: Physical... see more

Students will explore the chemical composition of cells and analyze the various processes that happen at the cellular... see more

Each student picks an element and has to gather information about it. Then they present the information by making a... see more

Give the students five symbols or so to learn a week. Once they have been introduced to all of them (just the ones you... see more

In this lesson, students will be introduced to the basic relationship between atomic structure and chemical bonding. This... see more

The student is to go to the workshop site, open a new workbench (File>select New WorkBench (Cntl-N). Then select... see more

This lesson attempts to teach how radioactive decay works. A two question warm-up will be ready for students as class... see more

PowerPoint Presentation notes for Radioactive Decay Lesson see more

Part of Radioactive Decay Lesson Course: Chemistry see more

Students will use Gum Drops (atoms) and toothpick (chemical bonds) to carry out a chemical reaction. Course: 8th Grade... see more

Element exploration leading to a presentation on element's unique characteristics while analyzing differences and... see more

These lectures provide a a useful resource for teachers to work through the material using visual interactive displays.... see more

Provide students with the necessary tools to study for their exams. Course: Chemistry see more

Use as a reference guide for students to fill in a lab worksheet or guide. Have students research about the fundamentals... see more

This website can be used in conjunction with the lab I do on how crude oil is refined (fractional distillation). The... see more