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This lesson addresses skill development for measuring sizes of sunspots and making comparisons relevant to the size of... see more

Site allows the students to look up the number of sunspots that occurred on any given day in the last 5 years. Course:... see more

Using the SMARTboard technology, students will be able to display topographic maps of earth and Mars side by side to... see more

The need for public health professionals has never been greater. But what is "Public Health" anyway? This interactive... see more

Using the SMARTboard technology, students will be able to display topographic maps of earth and Mars side by side, for... see more

After investigating the various types of known lunar craters, students will have the opportunity to make their own... see more

Great conversion chart for students to understand the distances expressed in lightyears by converting that to kilometers... see more

Question and answer page about stars, star clusters and their ages based on the color they appear. Course: 8th Grade... see more

Material for Mat0018 see more

This lab contains an introduction to Mendelian genetics and contains an activity that can be done with middle school and... see more

URL is a Word File giving a vocabulary and Report Assignment as shown here. see more

Adaptation of Mario Belloni's physlet problem to work as a calculated question within WebCT. Course: Introductory... see more

This can be an in-class exercise. see more

Students align three DNA sequences and design primers that will amplify all three samples. In addition to alignment... see more

Students are to define the following HR terms in their own words. Then, they are to go to the above site and identify,... see more

This is an assignment for a 30 minute presentation during which each student team is expected to: (1) Reflect about their... see more

This is assignment guides students through the development of a preliminary marketing plan in the context of the BRANDS?... see more

This assignment can be used to introduce business students to the methodology of case analysis. It also demonstrates that... see more

At the start of the graduate level Human Resource Management degree graduate class on Compensation and Benefits, students... see more

Students are required to find and learn the legally acceptable definitions of the above three commonly used HR training... see more

A virtual visit to the town of Grenoble, the first task provides listening comprehension and writing practice. The... see more