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Oral activity to improve pronounciation and oral speech. see more

Assessments on related data, content and resources on how unemployment is related to inflation and to establish solutions... see more

Reading comprehension writing academic essays grammar exercises discussion topics vocabulary exercises see more

Describe your neighborhood and the rooms in your home. see more

Exercitar a capacidade de analisar situações , traçando um pararelo entre a teoria e a prática. see more


Inactive Learning Exercise

Sultan Hasanuddin lahir di Gowa, Sulawesi Selatan pada 12 Januari 1631. Beliau dijuluki sebagai Ayam Jantan dari Timur... see more

Audio podcost for medication information see more

Develop a powerpoint of at least 7 slides introducing the origin and process of Multi-generational Therapy see more

This tutorial tests your plagarism knowledge. see more

Questionário see more

Understanding how the Berlin conference contribtuted to the expansion of colonization in Africa. see more

UX work requires a lot of attention to detail and user persona is one of the most essential elements of UX work. The... see more

*En el siguente ejercicio deberan de realizar un comentario sobre cada uno de los temas relacionados al adjetivo.... see more

Обобщите все качества предпринимателя и распределите все эти качества в столбиках: в первом столбике – те качества,... see more

русский язык как самый сложный язык в мире see more

Instrucciones: En esta evaluación, crearás un video para presentarles a sus compañeros de clase una ofrenda del día de... see more

Henry Hobson has some "business to attend to". Where is he actually going? What kind of "business" does he have? Describe... see more