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Great interactive site about the effects of one's diet on health, wellness, growth and disease. see more

Students will become familiar with food labels and be able to understand what the food labels are saying regarding... see more

We have been talking about why it is important to take care of your body and how to have a healthy body. The students are... see more

This assignment is designed to give students knowledge in regards to their weight and height and how that effects how... see more

ES CONOCER indispensables los Conceptos Básicos para Comprender el Manejo Integral del Paciente con intolerancia a la... see more

Ch. 1 Introduction see more

Select a parthner of your choice and a create a dramatic presentation on the digestion process. Each stage of the process... see more

This is a supplement assignment to be used in a beginning nutrition course. Course: Infant and Child Nutrition see more

For a 24hr. period have the students write down the name and quantity of any food or drink (include water). see more

Students will compare and contrast animal mitosis and plant mitosis. Teacher should provide a handout with spaces... see more

This assignment analyzes the different sizes of microbes. Course: Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors see more