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Chinese religion is a composite of many belief systems. This site offers students the opportunity to explore the many... see more

This assignment explores the role of the Puritan religion in the new colonies. Course: US History I see more

The Hancock Shaker Village, located in western Massachusetts, was an active Shaker community from 1783-1960. The village... see more

The Sikh religion is based on Hindu and Islamic spiritual traditions. This site presents the religious beliefs of a... see more

This activity will help you become familiar with mythological and legendary characters from a variety of countries.... see more

The movement of Indian civilization from the Indus River Valley to the Ganges River marked a distinctive shift in the... see more

How many different religions are there in your area? Which are the most common? Which are hardest to find? Complete the... see more

A collection of Arabic manuscripts dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries found in Timbuktu, Mali reveal new insights... see more

An instructional video site providing information about how rural people lived in the middle ages with emphasis on... see more

The Hindu religion offers a number f important books. One is the Upanishads. This site offers students the opportunity to... see more

This is designed as a "blended activity" especially for use in Hybrid courses. The teacher introduces the website to... see more