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This tutorial tests your plagarism knowledge. see more

*En el siguente ejercicio deberan de realizar un comentario sobre cada uno de los temas relacionados al adjetivo.... see more

Henry Hobson has some "business to attend to". Where is he actually going? What kind of "business" does he have? Describe... see more

After studying subject/verb agreement, correct subject/verb agreement errors in sentences. see more

LESSON PLAN TITLE – Inanimate Alice: using multimodal storytelling in the K12 classroom. DISCIPLINE / TOPIC –... see more

A program that congregates and organizes writing assignments and offers online peer reviewing to facilitate writing... see more

Teaching Target: *Identify individual sounds of words, phonemes, in “sound boxes” and that the visual similarity of an... see more

This assignment for a composition class uses morals from fables to develop a thesis for an essay. It could be adapted for... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This assignment analyzes political cartoons. Course: American Government see more

This assignment explores how to organize materials for a research paper. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

Students in this training will be asked to create a technical report or to revise an already-existing report that they... see more

Uncle Tom's Cabin created a great controversy at the time of its publication arousing passions above and below the fabled... see more

Students will identify common pitfalls with powerpoint. Course: CHI201 see more

Uncle Tom's Cabin created great controversy at the time of its publication arousing passions above and below the fabled... see more

This activity will help you become familiar with mythological and legendary characters from a variety of countries.... see more

This has been the most successful online writing activity I have participated in. I assign an independent short story for... see more

The events of 1789-1815 transformed both France and Europe. This exercise focuses on the events leading up to the... see more

a research and reflection project for individual or collaborative projects that will allow learners to delve into... see more

This assignment is aimed at encouraging students to look up the definitions of words they encounter in reading... see more

This activity allows students to compare and discuss their own views and biases on a topic--in this case poetry, art and... see more

This exercise exposes the student to various ways of employing quotes to add authority and interest to an assignment..... see more