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SME Business Services Ltd. India is assisting the industry all over India, small & medium enterprises. These... see more

This lesson explores the relevancy of faith to enslaved Africans beginning with the faith possessed by enslaved Africans... see more

Twitter is a great communication and learning tool. Students can follow the news, educational institutions, scientists,... see more

Q1: What is the reading of the vernier calipers shown below in mm? Course: physics general measurement see more

Using the Interview Skills Checklist, this systematic instruction plan is designed to work with individual or small... see more

Realizar una comparativa entre los CMS propuestos donde se reflejen las siguientes variables: web, versión estable... see more

This activity sheet accompanies the short podcast found on the educational materials website. Students can stop the... see more

Ten units consisting of primary documents related to slave emancipation and its aftermath in the Carolinas. Includes... see more

Capacidad para entender y analizar las notas. see more

En este tutorial Mika Piccione explica la forma en que la que se puede lograr un efecto de Zombie sobre la foto de una... see more

all the class works and assignments or documents goes in this area. see more

Quiz Course: quiz see more

Please attend the Yoga Quiz Course: YOGA see more

This learning exercise allows the reader of the assignment "Adding Women's History to Wikipedia" to explore the kinds of... see more

Learn 12 lead see more

ejercicio agregado al material see more

احتفالات العيد في مصر see more

Students:The 5th graders Activity: Listen to the story and order the pictures Objectives: Students can identify the names... see more

Zi Xiang Mao Dun Course: Chinese II see more

1.Present the key vocab. to students 2. after students show good comprehension of the proverb, have them relate to real... see more

Students will explore how proverbs, sayings and fables are used in Chinese and English. Course: Chinese, year 2 or higher see more

Narrates the story and moral lesson of the proverb and then have students mime the drama while the teacher narrates.... see more

15 popular Chinese proverbs with cartoon & listening drills Course: Chinese see more