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Themes in the study of biology and the porcess of science. see more

To memorize the formulas, equations and definitions. see more


Allow students to prepare for classroom instruction by providing Prerequisite lessons they are able to study on their own... see more

A group of music theory exercises Course: Music Theory Exercises see more

How to properly wash your hands see more

A PowerPoint presentation teaching students how to use Google Spreadsheets to create a budget for a trip. Course: French... see more

A Brief Prison Tour. see more

This is a "blended" activity designed for a Hybrid course. Introduce and "debrief" activities taks place in the... see more

In a language class, have students use CamStudio to go on Google Earth and give a tour of their hometown. They can zoom... see more

This brief practice focuses on whole numbers. see more

Once the students have completed the lesson on 'Reflection and Reflective Writing', they discuss an article from 'The... see more

Un breve questionario di autovalutazione sul tutorial "Creare un sondaggio on line con Google Doc" see more

test Course: test see more

Se determina de 1,7 a 2 el caudal basado principalmente en las caracteristicas de una persona estandar; Es menester... see more

The pre-activity questions and assignment instructions. see more

This leaning exercise uses the Differentiated Instruction PPT in a class setting. The participants should have a basic... see more

I use the given PPT as a review exercise in an Introductory Course in Special Education. The students are assigned to... see more

From the ‘Making the Creative Process Visible’ films emerged the potential of narrative pedagogy and practices in the... see more

Using this theory and case study as a guide students review in advance, provide students with a lifespan timeline sheet.... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise
Inactive Learning Exercise