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This is a good introductory exercise to familiarize students with the features and information that can be obtained... see more

Students use mitochondrial D-loop sequences of orangutan, chimpanzee, gorrilla, human and neanderthal sequences to... see more

TILT provides a very short, but very flashy review of four misconceptions about the Internet. The following link should... see more

The students will write a definition of lung sounds. What makes lung sounds? Do you think there could be differences in... see more

Students will perform a content reading lesson and fill out a worksheet pertaining to the "Bad Bug Book." Course:... see more

A lesson that focuses on the Autonomic Nervous System and includes sympathetic and parasympathetic processes of the body.... see more

Using animations and web based content the students learn about how blood flows through the heart before and after birth.... see more

Students will learn the Linnean Classification system. They will then apply what they have learned by classifying a group... see more

Crisis at Fort Sumter goes through the process followed by President Lincoln as he deceided whether or not to attack and... see more

Students will use this site to review concepts and to integrate knowledge into real world aspects Course:... see more

In this activity, students will take part in an online simulation of classic work performed by John Endler on guppies.... see more

This assignment is designed to help students learn about endangered species, using the internet as a source of... see more

Uncle Tom's Cabin created great controversy at the time of its publication arousing passions above and below the fabled... see more

The Plymouth Archive is a collection of searchable texts including court records, colony laws, 17th century journals and... see more

Fifth reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

This site contains information about the March 25, 1911, fire in the New York City factory of the Triangle Shirtwaist... see more

This site focuses on the arachaeological work at the Colonial Jamestown settlement as Virginia prepares for the 400th... see more

An engrossing web site that allows students to study artifacts found at Harappa in the Indus Valley in India. The site... see more

Second reading (of seven) on the Goldberg Variations. see more

Main index page for the 12 modules of the Goldberg Variations.  This is best completed in three weeks, at the rate for... see more

answer the following questions. Course: science see more

This activity is designed to give participants a hand-on experience of what it is like to have a learning disability in... see more

This lesson was created by Jennifer Anders and Nicole McGlashan of Huron High School, Huron, South Dakota. It is designed... see more