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This site provides an analysis of the French Canadian-Indian raid on Deerfield in 1704 from the perspective of five... see more

An assignment to help students assess and reflect on their impact on the planet. Course: Soc 200, Soc 202, Soc 268 see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This site provides an introduction to the Salem Witch Trials. It includes materials (both print and video) about Salem,... see more

The site offers primary sources including photographs, audio recordings, and contemporary newspaper and magazine... see more

The Tudors reigned in England from 1485-1603. This was a time of many transitions in English history. The reigns of Henry... see more

A study on the reasons why and the results of the Great Internal Migration of African-Americans from the South into... see more

The creative time known as the Renaissance flourished in Florence under the leadership of the Medicis. This site examines... see more

The Middle Ages covers almost one thousand years of history. This site focuses on famous people of the period, warfare... see more

Brown v. Topeka is one of the most significant Supreme Court Cases in the 20th Century. Fifty years after the decision... see more

This interactive site deals with a sensational 19th century ax murder by Lizzie Borden of her parents, Andrew Jackson and... see more

In the 1920s the American textile industry moved south to avoid unions demanding higher wages, shorter hours, and better... see more

The site permits visitors to unwrap a virtual mummy. Viewers can choose procedure, reconstruction, or Quicktime Movies.... see more

Provides a variety of resources to learn about aspect of Ancient Egyyptian Civilization. Course: Western Civilization see more

An interactive site offers an introduction to Egyptian death rituals including how a mummy is made. Other features... see more

This activity will help you become familiar with mythological and legendary characters from a variety of countries.... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

being able to tell the diffrence between Primary and secondary colors see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This activity leads the students to be able to identify the difference between geometric and organic shapes. Course: Art... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Students will begin with 20 minutes to view the website and learn about complementary colors. Then each student will be... see more

This site is a great way for one to learn any langauge from Spanish, French, Aribic, and others. It helps one to learn... see more

This has been the most successful online writing activity I have participated in. I assign an independent short story for... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

Students will begin by accessing the Interent website, then clicking the link for Warm and Cool Colors under the... see more