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People look for information in several diferent ways, depending on several internal and external factors. In this... see more

This assignment explores how to create a step-by-step instruction PowerPoint presentation. Course: Computer Fundamentals see more

Training seminar for Tech-Prep tutors see more

Students identify a population with a specific disability, evaluate and select appropriate assistive technology... see more

•Design a series circuit and a parallel circuit see more


Mathematics and science are often the great separators rather than equalizers. They are the gatekeeper subjects. Without... see more

good reflection exercises see more

This is an individual online investigative assignment to help students understand what is meant by Creative Commons and... see more

For creating my in service teaching plan at work see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

LESSON PLAN TITLE – Inanimate Alice: using multimodal storytelling in the K12 classroom. DISCIPLINE / TOPIC –... see more