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Section 1 - Math Review Section 2 - Syringes & Labels Section 3 - Conversions & Abbreviations Section 4 - Metric Review... see more

This assignment is designed to provide students with some activities that help them gain a clearer understanding of how... see more

This learning exercise helps students identify, locate, and evaluate scholarly articles. see more


write essay on ID in elearning. Course: ID see more

Descriptions of how to properly take a blood pressure. Definitions and pictures. Practice with module, and test at the... see more

From the ‘Making the Creative Process Visible’ films emerged the potential of narrative pedagogy and practices in the... see more

Se determina de 1,7 a 2 el caudal basado principalmente en las caracteristicas de una persona estandar; Es menester... see more

Listening and reading exercise on fugue 2 (C minor) of JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in performance by David... see more

In this exercise, students can appreciate the difficulty in coordinating activities on a world-wide basis due to... see more

To memorize the formulas, equations and definitions. see more

This assignment directs students to read any of a dozen current documents published by Political and Economic Risk,... see more

Students access the United Nations' Human Development Index and determine the quality of life of selected countries.... see more

The civilization of Ancient Egypt focused their energies on preparing for an afterlife. This site maintained by the... see more

Assignments based from Principles of Fire Behavior by James G. Quintiere - Chapter 10 Course: Principles of Combustion see more

test Course: test see more

This write-pair-share activity presents Calculus III students with a worksheet containing several exercises that require... see more

This assignment uses a computer simulation of fruit fly genetics to have students design and interpret monohybrid crosses... see more

Twitter is a great communication and learning tool. Students can follow the news, educational institutions, scientists,... see more

Listening to the St. Matthew Passion: last listening module (of five). see more

Listening to the St. Matthew Passion: third listening module (of five). see more

Last reading (of seven) on the St. Matthew Passion. see more

I use this in my adult ESL Level 4 course to teach history and expository or informational 5-paragraph essays. Course:... see more

This classroom activity presents Calculus II students with some Flash tutorials involving work and pumping liquids and a... see more