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Listening and reading exercise on fugue 11 (F major) of JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in performance by Dr. Philip... see more

Please attend the Yoga Quiz Course: YOGA see more

A LaTeX template such as this one started me on typesetting in LaTeX. I have tried to showcase the LaTeX features that I... see more

This activity is designed to give participants a hand-on experience of what it is like to have a learning disability in... see more

This learning exercise allows the reader of the assignment "Adding Women's History to Wikipedia" to explore the kinds of... see more

For my project at Open University I am creating a mobile app toolkit for study online using a mobile or tablet. Due to... see more

Take a minute to view the Flash video at http://www.harperdoit.net/dlo/DLOwebsite/losadvice/story.htm to hear about one... see more

This is an individual online investigative assignment to help students understand what is meant by Creative Commons and... see more

A group of music theory exercises Course: Music Theory Exercises see more

This learning activity introduces students to several intellectual freedom issues, and has them develop case scenarios to... see more

Realizar una comparativa entre los CMS propuestos donde se reflejen las siguientes variables: web, versión estable... see more

Galaxies are clusters of billions stars and may have different shapes. State Standard 4a Course: Astronomy see more

Q1: What is the reading of the vernier calipers shown below in mm? Course: physics general measurement see more

Guide to help students plan their oral presentations Course: All subjects see more