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Inactive Learning Exercise

An interactive lecture in which students use data on feeding habits and habitat, skeletons, and DNA sequences to draw... see more

This worksheet is designed for students to use to guide them through the simulator and have them answer questions on... see more

In the early 1600’s, the Tokugawa Shogunate emerged, bringing a period stability and enlightenment to Japan for about 300... see more

This assignment was designed for a lab but could be done in a regular classroom. It is intended to take at least three... see more

Select an element from the illustrated Periodic Table and find information such as - when and how it was discovered - its... see more

Listening and reading exercise on fugue 14 (F-sharp minor) of JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in performance by Dr.... see more

This on-line survey can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style. see more

The Cold War dominated world politics from the end of World War II until the fall of Communism began with the tearing... see more

Students will view a video of the Monarch Butterfly’s life cycle. This video demonstrates the Monarch Butterfly’s life... see more

Read Course: nur see more

Solid lesson. See text of assignment for guidance (below). Course: 11th Grade Science/Language Arts see more

A personality inventory was completed online by each student to determine their personality and communication styles. the... see more

A simple on-line survey that consists of 34 questions that assesses one's interpersonal communication skills. Course:... see more

A virtual where you carry the sequential steps to isolate bacteria, purity DNA, PCR, amplify the DNA sequence 16S... see more

Listening and reading exercise on fugue 5 (D major) of JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in performance by David Korevaar... see more

Homework problems that use physlets in this problem group. Course: Second semester calculus-based introductory physics. see more

Developing a WebQuest assignment is an effective activity to engage the learner in the learning process. A WebQuest is a... see more

Web assignment on the relationship between rolling and slipping. lllustrates how angular and linear properties (such as... see more

Web assignment on the relationship between the moment-of-inertia of an Atwood machine pulley and the motion of the... see more

Assignment on vector algebra using an embedded Java applet by Renganathan Palanisamy. Covers mostly the head-to-tail... see more

Leopold Loeb were two very bright young men who committed an heinous crime after graduating from college. The substance... see more

This learning exercise allows the reader of the assignment "Adding Women's History to Wikipedia" to explore the kinds of... see more

This gives students an opportunity to debate the Big Bang. Discuss in small groups and present findings to the class.... see more